An abstract emotion: Love

1 Corinthians 13:4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. Love. This is one word that has few letters yet indescribable in many other ways. I was watching <<再见双人床>>, Pillow Talk on Channel 8 with Poh a few nights ago. (P.S. I’ll be using … Continue reading

Plants For U? Then: NO! Now: Maybe…

In the Beginning: I was not a fan. I am still not a fan. Poh is the sole reason there are plants in my house. Reason #1: To shield the balconies from the dusty roads. Reason #2: To beautify the balcony. Reason #3: To provide shade when we eat, rest or do our work in … Continue reading

NYP DND 2012

This year, Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) turns 20! To celebrate this occasion, NYP had its Nanyang Polytechnic Dinner and Dance 2012 in Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) and I was super excited to go with Poh as it was my first time visiting the place. Yes… I’m that sua ku. Heehee… I have not even been to Universal Studios! As the dress code was formal, Poh got me a lovely dress for the event (which I would feature soon … Continue reading

Project “A-Dress-A-Day”

Recently, I started reading articles that promotes minimalist living and got really inspired. Being minimalist is NOT living on nothing. Being minimalist is NOT being a scrooge. In fact, it is the opposite. The more I read, the more I realise there are actually more pros than cons to minimalist living. It is just being contented. … Continue reading

Review: An Experience with Salon Vim by Cozycot

Last week, I was very honoured to be selected as a Beauty Roundtable Challenge Reviewer for L’Oreal Professional Haircare range and it was conducted at Salon Vim at 313Somerset. Located on the 4th floor , it’s easily accessible as it’s merely a stone’s throw away from the Somerset MRT station. I was warmly greeted by Bryan upon reaching. … Continue reading


A few nights ago, I was watching “SuperModel Me” on Channel 5 with Poh. As we were both engrossed in admiring the porcelain skin of the models and their svelte figures, a remark made by a contestant caught my attention. “ Some girls are just picking faults with others so that they have something to … Continue reading

ThingAboutLove: Flaunt it Your Way+ April Promo!

Spring beckons! Can you hear the birds chirp and smell the petrichor? Though in Singapore, we get that quite often, still, it is the season when cold shys and warmth embraces you! In this post, I’ll be recommending a few items from the latest collection from Thing About Love: Flaunt it Your Way. Welcome spring … Continue reading

ThingAboutLove Tops Galore

Are you ready for Spring? With the coming breezy weather and good sun awaiting, it’s time for some sleeveless tops. Here are the highlights from the previous collection! Pointy Peter Pan Coloured Sleeveless Tops in Colour Blocks KeyHole Tops Striped Sleeveless Tank Tops  Remember to quote ‘ecturtlet’ for 10% discount! Til the next post! (which … Continue reading