A few nights ago, I was watching “SuperModel Me” on Channel 5 with Poh. As we were both engrossed in admiring the porcelain skin of the models and their svelte figures, a remark made by a contestant caught my attention. “ Some girls are just picking faults with others so that they have something to hate on her.,” Jacqueline lamented. She was referring to how the rest of the girls picked on her Charlotte. Besides shooting off expletives every time she does not see eye to eye with the other girls, Charlotte also made an unpleasant comment about putting a horse to sleep should the pictures she took with it turned out ugly.

That got me pondered. Is that true?  Was it really just the other girls picking at her or does she really have a problem that needs to be addressed?

I was slightly put off by how she has no restraint over what she says on public TV.  I deemed her as a foul-mouthed individual who’s headstrong, opinionated and does not give a hoot about what others think about her. On the other hand, you could also say that she is confident, stands up to what she thinks is right and refuse to conform.

The point is, either way, if you do not appeal to the rest, if you are too prominent, if you stand out too much, that is if you are DIFFERENT, other girls found themselves a chance to take a strike at you. Would you consider her traits flaws in her character or what sets her apart from the rest?

Near the end of the episode, Charlotte found herself caught in a spat with one of the judges when another contestant, Asha, told on her. She defended herself, saying the statement made about putting the horse to sleep was just a joke. The judge was not pleased and found the joke distasteful and untimely.

She was eliminated at the end of the episode.

While all these drama took place, I began to wonder, as much as the episode usually shows to the audience the juiciest bit of the show, is it true sometimes people just like to pick on stuff they don’t like about someone just to hate one them? Do you hate on someone for just any reason? Doesn’t it exhaust you to hate on someone?

Til the next post. 🙂

4 Responses to “Hate.”
  1. Jean says:

    Haven’t watched a modelling show or beauty pageant ..in several decades. I enjoy watching occasionally fashion runway shows because I like seeing designer creativity. Besides I used to sew 80% of my clothing and do know tailoring. (Yes, I am a demanding consumer it comes to clothes shopping.)

    But that’s all. Life is too short for a women to worry so much how she lovely she must look for every public occasion. I even forget to wear make-up at work. Imagine going to a job interview without wearing make-up –which happened a few wks. ago for me.

    I wish that for every young women, they become so strong and care-free that they don’t worry about make-up and how perfectly they must look. Instead focus on being healthy.

    • eMoTuRtLeT84 says:

      Hi Jean, how have you been? Haven’t heard from you for a while. I agree with you on life being too short. I just couldn’t get pass the barrier of baring my face! Haha.. A close friend commented that when she was younger, she has all it takes to bare her face. Now that we have aged, it’s time we start using products to fill up what we lack. Pretty funny. How did your interview go? I hope it went well! Focusing on being healthy is really important. I can’t imagine life with ailments and diseases. *shudders*

      • Jean says:

        Strange interview. Anyone not sure if the process over but honest, I have a job that I like. This other job is one step up to be a manager….which I have been a manager before for several employers. So life, is a bit luxurious right now, when I’m not. 🙂

        When I was in my early 20’s a long time friend, won a local beauty pageant and later went in to participate in Miss Canada pageant. She didn’t win. But there I heard the ugliness behind in the world of beauty pageants.

        She herself was a hardworking student, and got her Master’s, had a great career, 2 children, she divorced and remarried. Our friendship fell apart for other reasons.

        I enjoy the fashion industry for its creativity, not for what it suggests that women must look in a particular way to get society’s approval/admiration.

  2. Jean says:

    sorry for spelling errors.

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