Review: An Experience with Salon Vim by Cozycot

Last week, I was very honoured to be selected as a Beauty Roundtable Challenge Reviewer for L’Oreal Professional Haircare range and it was conducted at Salon Vim at 313Somerset.

Located on the 4th floor , it’s easily accessible as it’s merely a stone’s throw away from the Somerset MRT station.

I was warmly greeted by Bryan upon reaching. (Even though I was so blur as to mistake the place to be at Ion Orchard and arrived close to half an hour late. Sorry!)

A picture of me before the treatment:

I was first seated by Ivan, the hairdresser who analysed my hair and decided on administering the Dialight treatment for me.



L’Oreal’s 1st acid tone-on-tone colour. Luminous reflects with ultimate shine and condition.

Suitable for consumers who have Coloured/Sensitised Hair.

At the salon, I felt at home. Cassandra, the hairdresser who took over the treatment considerately offered me ear caps to keep my ears free from the cream she will be applying on my hair. She then carefully applied the treatment in generous slabs onto locks of my hair, ensuring each time that each strand is thoroughly covered with the cream before she moves on to the next lock. The application of the cream on my hair took a while and I looked like this:

I look like I’ve had hair plastered on my scalp! Don’t you think so?

I would be required to keep the treatment on for 20 minutes and a clear sheet was wrapped around my head to let the treatment work its magic on my hair. Meanwhile, I engrossed myself in the latest style tips in the magazine provided and nibbled on the biscuits and water.

20 minutes later, I was ushered to the wash basin where Cassandra worked her fingers through my scalp and gave me a thorough hair wash and a soothing head massage to relax those stiff neck muscles. A rich conditioner was also worked through my tresses to ensure that the ends of my hair retained its moisture.

Cassandra then completed the wash by placing a warm towel on my nape. It was very comfortable. Ivan and Cassandra then used low heat on their hair-dryers to dry my wet hair. Cassandra has also kindly helped me curl the ends and did my side fringe nicely.

Notice any difference? *Hint: Brightness, shinier, glowing!*

Upon reaching home, not wanting to spoil the nice hair that Cassandra has set for me, I quickly took out my camera and snapped a few more shots of my newly treated hair.

It was a shade of hazel brown and indeed, it did look shinier as compare to before. I also received a couple of compliments from my colleagues the following day. One of them mentioned that it was a good change and that not only did my hair look glossy, I looked more radiant sporting this new hair tone too.  Happy! I am one happy girl! 😀

Special Thanks to Cozycot for this lovely treat and I look forward to more of such opportunities! 😉

Til the next post! 🙂


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