Project “A-Dress-A-Day”

Recently, I started reading articles that promotes minimalist living and got really inspired. Being minimalist is NOT living on nothing. Being minimalist is NOT being a scrooge. In fact, it is the opposite. The more I read, the more I realise there are actually more pros than cons to minimalist living.

It is just being contented. It is living with what you have already got and not adding to one’s existing collection. The more one acquires, the more one has to spend time taking care of their possessions, thus spending less time on what is truly important and that is enjoying the company of loved ones. When we are distracted with the wants of a new bag or the lure of a newly launched product, we forgot that there is another which may serve the same purpose that we have already got. Instead of putting it to good use, it may be sitting deep in the wardrobe, unused, perhaps even unopened!

As a result,clutter is formed. More storage space is required. More money is needed. We end up in debts. We exercise little or no self discipline in buying stuff. We give in to all the temptations we faced due to the bombardment of flashy advertisement and heed all the enticing words the merchandiser says. We became manipulated unknowingly. We got caught in a rut. We feel stressed about meeting the expectations we set of ourselves.

So, to prevent all these from happening, it is important to adjust one’s expectations. Live within your means. Be happy with what you own. Get pieces which are timeless instead of always trying to keep up with the ever-changing trends. It may not be easy at first but it is worth a try.

To do that, I cut down on my purchases (That excludes Poh buying. Heehee.) and decided to start a personal project: “A.D.A.D: A Dress A Day”. I will be wearing a different each day to remind myself of the pieces I have and the pieces I should thrash. Oh yes, that is also one characteristic of being a minimalist: Throw or give away those pieces you no longer fit or need. I do hope that at the end of this project, I would be a tiny step closer to Project 333.

So here goes, this is the first outfit I put together:

Have a pleasant week ahead and wish me luck in achieving being minimalist! (Eventually… :p)

Til the next post! 🙂

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