Plants For U? Then: NO! Now: Maybe…

In the Beginning:

I was not a fan.

I am still not a fan.

Poh is the sole reason there are plants in my house.

Reason #1: To shield the balconies from the dusty roads.

Reason #2: To beautify the balcony.

Reason #3: To provide shade when we eat, rest or do our work in the balcony.

I was a wet blanket.

Me: It is too much work to take care of it.

Poh: I’ll do it.

Me: I won’t help you.

Poh: It’s ok.

Me: You will end up regretting it.

Poh: I won’t.

I gave in.

We visited a few flora shops.

We bought pots and plants and watering cans and soils.

Poh spent weekend afternoons toiling in the balcony, living up to his word.

I offered my helping hands reluctantly.

After weeks, I was sold.

Our balcony is beautiful.

Some plants died, some survived.

Some bloomed and blossomed.

Here are some of the greenies which thrived:

Yellow Mini Rose

Prone to Aphids. Water Treatment to be Applied.


Flowers need to be cut once the stalk bends over. No worries though. It will bud again.

Gloxinia (Bedroom)

Often mistaken as African Violet as that was what we know it by the first time we got it. Turns out we looked at the wrong sign. Leaves are huge and crisp when plant is healthy. Flower buds resemble marshmallows. Buds take a few hours to bloom. Very pretty. We’ve got this both in the living room and bedroom.

Mint Plant

A personal favourite. Poh allowed me to pick a few. This was one of it. Smells really fragrant when you rub the leaves with your fingers. Used it once when I was having Brunch with Yueyee and Doreen. 🙂

Mosquito Plant

 Another personal favourite. A cross-bred between Geranium and Citronella. As its name suggests, it wards off mosquitoes! Love. 😀

Sunflowers Seedlings

Poh’s Babies

He bought 3 stalks of sunflowers for the Chinese New Year and was convinced by the florist that it would survived and bloomed again. He was conned. The flower withered and died. We tried replanting the seeds but it did not work. Undeterred, he bought sunflowers seeds and planted them. These seedlings are close to 5 weeks old.

There were 6 seeds in the packets but only a few sprouted. The rest did not make it. Will be updating on the growth of these cuties.


I am still not a fan.


I will be a supportive wife, no doubt complaining every time I’m required to help.


Thank you Gardener Poh!

Our garden/balcony is very pretty and very much alive because of U!


Til the next post! 🙂


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