An abstract emotion: Love

1 Corinthians 13:4

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.


This is one word that has few letters yet indescribable in many other ways.

I was watching <<再见双人床>>, Pillow Talk on Channel 8 with Poh a few nights ago. (P.S. I’ll be using the real names of the actresses and actors acting in the show for clarity.)

In one of the scene, after a fight, Michelle Chia asked Thomas Ong a question. “There are 3 kinds of betrayal. The first type is physical. The second type is emotional. The last type is both. Which type are you?’ Without answering her question, he left the room.

Shortly after the scene, just before the advertisements came on, a few public figures were invited to give their comments on how they view love.

A local singer, Joi Tsai, made an interesting comment. She said that although the idea of your other half having a close friend of the opposite sex may be unsettling to some, some people do have big hearts. What she meant was, there are people who can love many at the same time.

Following that, Poh remarked, “This is so true lo. There are so many people in one’s life How can anyone be expected to love only one person?”

With that, I charged at him with an imaginary knife  and pointed  it to his throat. “Who else do you love, HUH?” I demanded to know. Sheepishly, he flashed a wide grin at me and pointed to our plush tortoises. Yes, we have 2 really cute plushies that we love and sleeps with us every night. But that’s besides the point.

How many can one love then? One? Two? Many?

As a daughter, I love my parents.

As a sister, I love my siblings.

As a daughter-in-law, I love my in-laws.

As a wife, I love my husband.

As a friend, I love my girlies and those whom I hang out with.


Indeed. I’m loving more than one person right now. Not just my Poh.

So, it is right to say that anyone could be loving more than one person at any point in time.

There are, however, different kinds of love for different people but there can be a time when the line is blurred. When that happens, it will not be so clear which kind of love you have displayed.

That is also the reason behind the quarrel Michelle Chia and Thomas Ong had. Michelle thinks that Thomas had an affair. Even though there was no physical contact between him and the other woman, to her, her husband has already crossed the line.

In a later part of the show, Joanne Peh tried talking to both parties, hoping they will change their minds about filing for divorce. Both were firm about it and said something thought-provoking.


“Being in a courtship is like drinking alcohol. The more you drink, the more confused you are. Being in a marriage is like drinking coffee. The more you drink, the more clear-headed you become. To make it even better, drink bitter ones to get the best effects.”


“There are 2 kinds of husbands. One dotes on you, showers you with lavish gifts and sweet talk but goes out and have “fun”. The other comes home everyday, though his heart is no longer with you. Which one fare better then?”

This got me thinking about something else: Polygamy.

There was an American T.V. drama called Big Love. As the name suggests, the male lead in the show has a big heart and big family. The husband practices polygamy and he has 4 wives.

In reality, some people also practice polygamy. Take Stanley Ho, “The King of Gambling” for example. He, too, has four wives.

Does he have a big heart? Is the love he has for all his wives the same?

What do you think? Can you draw that thin fine line that distinct your loves?


FYI: In Singapore, only monogamy is allowed.

I’ll end this post off with a nice rendition of the late Whitney Houston’s “How would I know?” Enjoy.

Til the next post.


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