Project A-Dress-A-Day

Recently, I let work catch up with me and I feel as though I’m once again plagued with stress, fatigue and anxiety! Argh… I guess I would have to manage my time  more effectively so that I could really lose those unnecessary negative emotions. For this week, I figured it would be really good to … Continue reading

Project A-Dress-A-Day

This week’s installment for the Project A.D.A.D is a pink dress which I bought from BYSI a while ago. What really attracts me to this dress was its pretty ribbon that was sewn on one of its shoulders, adding design to the otherwise plain pale pink dress. This dress is pretty body hugging so it does not … Continue reading

snip, click, struct, take off…

I realised that I’ve taken some random pictures using my camera and I haven’t uploaded them under any previous titles so I thought I’ll just gather them in this post with a whimsical title. Let’s start with my haircut. Recently, I cut my hair and had side fringe. Initially it was a disaster. I was … Continue reading

Project A-Dress-A-Day

T.G.I.F! It’s the end of the week! Usually, I’ll try not to put on anything black. I’ll choose the most colourful piece of dress or top from my wardrobe and match it with equally colourful accessories. However, this week, I’ll be posting a silver and black ensemble for Project ADAD. Despite it being colourful, it … Continue reading

Poh’s 30th Birthday

It’s the big 3! It was Poh’s birthday last month and a few of his closest friends and mine came together to celebrate his 30th birthday singing KTV, his favourite pastime. To cross over from the two-s to the three-s may mean nothing to others but for Singaporeans, it marks a special occasion. You finally get … Continue reading

Project “A-Dress-A-Day”

This is my 2nd post under this title. As mentioned in an earlier post, I am working towards the goal of eventually adopting Project 333 (which seemed really close to impossible but I’m still going to try anyway), I will be wearing a different piece of dress each day to remind myself of the pieces I have and the … Continue reading

Yayoiken and Drinks at Clarke Quay

Happy Labour Day Everybody! It’s such a happy occassion isn’t it? No work. Hanging out with friends. Lazing at home. Catching up on sappy Korean dramas. Heehee. Just before Good Friday, the girls decided to meet up and Yueyee suggested eating at Liang Court since we have not eaten at any of the restaurants in … Continue reading