Yayoiken and Drinks at Clarke Quay

Happy Labour Day Everybody! It’s such a happy occassion isn’t it? No work. Hanging out with friends. Lazing at home. Catching up on sappy Korean dramas. Heehee.

Just before Good Friday, the girls decided to meet up and Yueyee suggested eating at Liang Court since we have not eaten at any of the restaurants in that mall. Plus, she had craving for some authentic Japanese food. For those who have been there, you would know that Liang Court is quite a Jappy mall and by that, I mean that a lot of Japanese frequent the place. Besides having a Japanese supermarket, Meidi-Ya, that occupied more than half of the basement, there are also several restaurants that served really good Japanese food at affordable prices. Yayoiken is one of them. It was my first time eating at Yayoiken and reading about all the good reviews online raised my expectations.

After work, I took the NEL down to Clarke Quay and walked over to Liang Court. Yueyee was early too and I met up with her before we went to the restaurant at 715 pm. The place was almost filled. We were lucky and got ourselves a seat near to the entrance. After a short while, a queue formed outside the restaurant. Doreen joined us shortly and we ordered our food.

Saba Shio Set (Grilled Salty Mackerel Set) $9.90

Buta Shogayaki Set (Stir-Fried Sliced Pork with Ginger Set) $9.90

P.S. provided I remembered correctly!

Miss Yip with her sumptuous set. (Can’t remember it was beef or chicken or pork but it’s good!)

 Tonkatsu Set (Pork Cutlet Set) $13.90

Miss Seah, looking satisfied with her pork cutlet. 😉

I was impressed. This place sells really authentic Japanese fare at pocket-friendly prices. Love it. 🙂

Yayoiken Liang Court

Meidi-Ya Supermarket  177 River Valley Road

#B1-50 Liang Court Shopping Centre, Singapore 179030

Opening Hours: 10:00 – 22:00


Poh and Albert joined us for after-dinner drinks at Clarke Quay. We wanted to park ourselves at Le Noir but there were no seats available so I left my number and we headed over  to Highlander instead.

Poh and Albert: “Buddy” Shot

Poh and Albert: “Albert bo xim” shot

Poh and Albert: “Poh can’t bear for Albert to go to England” shot

Albert joined us for drinks as he was going to Slough, London for work for 4 months. Notice his almost-did-not-change expression? He was sick but decided to join us since he would not be able to for the next 4 months (and of course, after much persuasion from Poh). Heehee… Thanks for joining us Albert! We miss you dearly! Take care of yourself and see you in September!!! 😀

I don’t know what the girls were talking about but I love how happy Doreen looked in this shot.

My Favourite Girlies

Le Noir gave me a call at around 1030. We went over, only to realise that the seats are reserved for patrons who are “big spenders“. After a drink, we decided to leave the place and stopped at Mools Bar and Restaurant to eat mussels for supper instead!

We got ourselves some  Mariniere Hot Mussels that were served with chunky fries. The marinate for the mussels were good though the mussels were quite small.

Mools Bar& Restaurant
BLK E,Clarke Quay #01-02
River Valley Road Singapore 179024
Tel: +65-63375585 (Only for phone reservation)

Here’s a shot of us enjoying the nice breeze along the Singapore River at Mools. Good Night! 🙂

Til the next post! 🙂


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