Project “A-Dress-A-Day”

This is my 2nd post under this title. As mentioned in an earlier post, I am working towards the goal of eventually adopting Project 333 (which seemed really close to impossible but I’m still going to try anyway), I will be wearing a different piece of dress each day to remind myself of the pieces I have and the pieces I should thrash. This project will  served the purpose of reminding myself that I WILL NOT BUY ANYMORE NEW CLOTHES. (that, of course, excludes those Poh buys. Hee hee.)

This is a dress which Poh bought for me for his NYP DND 2012. A very beautiful dress in turquoise from Bebe that is befitting of the occasion. The silver buckle adds a little detail to the dress and defines the waist. I guess this is definitely under the sections “Keeps” for now.

The black mini cardigan which I am wearing is from Osmose. I really like it and bring it almost everywhere I go as it fits into my bag and comes in handy when the air-conditioning is too cold, especially when I’m wearing shoulder-baring dresses.

For subsequent posts under the same title, I was thinking of perhaps including a poll as to the pieces that I kept really long in the cupboard and recently dug out to be worn to work again. What do you think?

Til the next post. 🙂


What Say You? ;)

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