Poh’s 30th Birthday

It’s the big 3!

It was Poh’s birthday last month and a few of his closest friends and mine came together to celebrate his 30th birthday singing KTV, his favourite pastime.

To cross over from the two-s to the three-s may mean nothing to others but for Singaporeans, it marks a special occasion.

You finally get a new identity card! Change the photo on the I/C you so dread! Haha… You are lucky if you’ve got one nice one right from the start. If not, this is a good chance!

Other than that, the thirties also mark a new phase of one’s life, a new year ahead.

Poh cut his cake after he blew his candle and went on a feeding frenzy.

The rest of the night was spent singing away our favourite songs, taking more peektures and tearing the house down. Haha!

The gorgeous sky that was dotted with stars when we reached home.

Spot them if you can!

Til the next post! 🙂


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