snip, click, struct, take off…

I realised that I’ve taken some random pictures using my camera and I haven’t uploaded them under any previous titles so I thought I’ll just gather them in this post with a whimsical title.

Let’s start with my haircut. Recently, I cut my hair and had side fringe. Initially it was a disaster. I was having my regular hair treatment and I thought aloud, while the lady was attending to me, if I should have side fringe or bangs. She replied me with zest that she could help me do it if I wanted to have my fringe cut. I was skeptical and wondered how much it would cost. She went over to talk to her manager and after a brief discussion, she came back, saying that she would help me do it for free. Being a sucker for free stuff, I agreed. The aftermath was disastrous. I did not like it. I loathed it. But… On the account that it was FREE, I had to swallow my pride and stick to it. Poh was aghast when he saw me the moment I reached home. He got changed and drove me down to Pro Trim at Bedok Point. I was then left in the hands of Mandy, an experienced hair stylist who worked her magic on my tresses.

And voilà! It was done in a whiff.

Pardon my ‘stoned’ look!

I was glad I went over. Mandy was not only patient, she even told me how to maintain the fringe swept to a side which I was often too lazy to do but is determined to seeing the good job she did in transforming the bushy stub that was previously attached to the front of my forehead into a nice side fringe. Love the new look! I will probably be going back to get it cut pretty soon as it has grown quite a bit and the hairs are getting into my eyes and misbehaving. Oh well…

I was on my way out and I caught a lizard resting on the back wheel of a bicycle parked at my void deck so I decided to test out my camera.

Taken when I stood about 1 to 1.5 metres away from the lizard and the bike

Zooming in…

Trying out the optical zoom…

 Conclusion: My camera is pretty good! Haha..

Poh and I went to Orchard for dinner and unknowingly, it was the Fashion Steps Out 2012 right in the heart of town. We stopped over and caught a glimpse of what went on.

Open to the members of public (except you don’t get a seat unless you have an invite but no one really cares as those without just stood around, found themselves a good spot and parked themselves on top of a bench, divider e.t.c and watched on), models from various countries strutted down Orchard Road, parading the latest fashion to the mass and flaunted their silhouettes in front of many flashing cameras.

Shot some naked bodies too… Guy models showing off their jeans. ONLY.

These guys reminded me of the sales people in Abercrombie and Fitch.

The best thing about my house is I get unblocked view to the landing and taking off of aeroplanes as the airport is visible from my balcony.

Til the next post!


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