Project A-Dress-A-Day

Recently, I let work catch up with me and I feel as though I’m once again plagued with stress, fatigue and anxiety! Argh… I guess I would have to manage my time  more effectively so that I could really lose those unnecessary negative emotions.

For this week, I figured it would be really good to do a post on a bright number.

So here it is!

A nice dress with an attached elastic belt with flower patterns in persimmon. It is a common colour you will spot in any shop during the Lunar New Year in January except this was not bought during then and it is not the Chinese New Year. Nonetheless, I hope this pretty red thing brightens your mood like it did to mine. 🙂

I love the way the folds just fall into place nicely. Did I mention this is a super fuss-free piece as well? No ironing needed. Just slip it on and you are good to go! Perfect for someone who has lazybones a.k.a. me! Haha…

I wore this dress with a pair of dangling charm earrings that strung together matching beads and crystals.

Want to have a perk-me-up for the mid-week? Pull out the brightest top or suit you’ve got in your cupboard and put it on!

Til the next post! 🙂


What Say You? ;)

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