Project A-Dress-A-Day

Green green… green green…. The starting of an old school joke which makes use of various colours to form a tele-conversation. Other than that, it is also my favourite colour (after I came to know Poh as it was his favourite colour too. Heehee.. I’m such a copycat. :p) Though a colour many associate with jealousy … Continue reading

Project A-Dress-A-Day

This blue piece is a real steal. I spotted it when I was doing window-shopping and although trying was not allowed, after an estimate, I decided upon it and make payment for it. I’m pretty unabashed about great buys because that is what one should do: making full use of every cent that you’ve so painstakingly … Continue reading

Tropical Fiesta at Mandarin Orchard Hotel

Aloha! I just had the urge to start the post with the famous Hawaiian greeting. 😀 The theme for my company’s dinner and dance event was Tropical Fiesta so without doubt, everyone dressed for the tropics. There was no lack of floral prints and bright colours, ladies and gentlemen alike. The most commonly spotted accessories were … Continue reading

Project A-Dress-A-Day

T.G.I.F! It’s Friday! The day of the week which everyone pines for! For my project ADAD this week, I present to you a really feminine piece which I bought  from Thing About Love, the blog shop which I’m blogging for. Dull caramel coloured, the dress stands out on my tanned skin and it was surprisingly … Continue reading

Bullies stink.

Recently, Xia xue, Singapore’s very own blogger queen, was involved in a dispute and there was a mayhem. This time round, she did not talk about controversial topics or raved about products which she received but one that was very close to heart: Bullying. In 2 of her latest blog post, she unleashed her fury … Continue reading

Wei Wei’s Birthday

The list of people who were having their birthday in april flashed up on my screen when I logged into my email account. Before I went on to click on my inbox and check my email, one caught my eye. Wei wei. I knew her through Poh and  she left a deep impression when she … Continue reading