Wei Wei’s Birthday

The list of people who were having their birthday in april flashed up on my screen when I logged into my email account. Before I went on to click on my inbox and check my email, one caught my eye. Wei wei. I knew her through Poh and  she left a deep impression when she was the only guest to come with Poh’s favourite Baumkuchen during his birthday celebration. Even better, she got it in the largest size, leaving Poh in glee.

I took a glance at calendar and realised that her birthday was coming in a few days’ time. Together with Poh, we decided to spring an impromptu surprise on her by getting her out for a meal. Luckily for us, she was available on that Friday night and met us right after her work where we had our dinner at Paradise Inn  at Ion. Poh and I arrived early and got ourselves an outdoor seat. It was our first time sitting outside and it was not as bad as I thought it would be. I guess the cooling weather after a downpour helped plus it was already evening and the sun had gone down. ^^

Paradise Dynasty (Ion Orchard)

The Famous Multi Coloured Xiao Long Bao

Comes in an assortment of flavour and colours. Pleasant to the eyes and teases the taste buds.

Green: Gin seng Chicken

Yellow: Cheese

Pink: Sze Chuan

White: Normal

Brown: Foie Gras

Black: Truffle

Orange: Crab Roe

Grey: Garlic

We ordered other dishes to share as well.

After dinner, we went to the higher floors of Ion Orchard to explore.

The Birthday Girl

View from the Top

Since it was a special occasion, Poh figured we should do something special and drove us all up Mount Faber for a ride on the cable car. It was eons ago (o.k. I tend to exaggerate.) when I took the cable car to Sentosa and we relived that scary moment. Haha… yes, I’m that afraid of heights. I don’t really fancy the part where the cable car is air-borne but it turned out not that scary after all.

View of The Reflections

Telok Blangah, the place I called home til I moved to Pasir Ris

Off we go!

Poh, being a sadist, crushed down on the super scared me as we took off in the cable car. See how amused he was…

Delighting himself in my fear… It simply thrills him to see me all frightened?!?

Still have the mood to smile and pose for picture when I was already freaked out to the max by the constant shaking of the cable car… all thanks to Poh! Grr…

A myriad of lights from using the shutter mode on my camera while the cable car is moving…

The Reflections at Keppel Bay

Resorts World Sentosa

Hard Rock Hotel

The gorgeous night view from atop

I wanna stay in one of these…

Check out the size of its swimming pool!!!

The round trip took half an hour and after we went on the short journey in air, we settled down at the Sapphire for some moscato (Thank you Wei wei!) and an apple crumble tart as the birthday cake for the birthday girl.

Til the next post! 🙂


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