Project A-Dress-A-Day

T.G.I.F! It’s Friday! The day of the week which everyone pines for!

For my project ADAD this week, I present to you a really feminine piece which I bought  from Thing About Love, the blog shop which I’m blogging for.

Dull caramel coloured, the dress stands out on my tanned skin and it was surprisingly fitting. I have been quite unlucky with online buys. Most of those items which I’ve purchased are either too loose or ill-fitting. There’s always something not right about them. This time, I was very happy with my buy and I strongly suggest anyone who likes a subdued yet playful and sexy dress to get this piece. Did I mention Thing about Love is having a 25% discount now? Grab it before it is out of stock.

Ribbon comes with the dress

Pairing it with a matching earring was not hard. Get a pair in white, cream or nude. 🙂

Hope you like today’s ensemble.

Til the next post! 🙂


What Say You? ;)

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