Tropical Fiesta at Mandarin Orchard Hotel


I just had the urge to start the post with the famous Hawaiian greeting. 😀

The theme for my company’s dinner and dance event was Tropical Fiesta so without doubt, everyone dressed for the tropics. There was no lack of floral prints and bright colours, ladies and gentlemen alike. The most commonly spotted accessories were straw hats and huge bangles and sun shades made an entire summer outfit complete. Appearances aside,  most importantly, for a good night of fun and laughter is the great company that I had with me.


The Grand Ballroom at Mandarin Orchard Hotel

A panoramic view

The VIP’s table

Our door gifts!

The lovely ladies at the Reception area

Melissa and I

Participants of Times’ Got Talent

Coolest suit of the night. He was also the winner of the Best Dressed Contest. A deserving winner indeed!

Pre-Dinner Activities

Let the dinner begin…

NOT?  (-_-)

Yes.. much to everyone’s disappointment!! The emcee played a pre-dinner game with the audience. When the music started, the person who had the card with the table number would pass it to the next person and the game went on. When the music stopped, the person holding on to the card would have to serve us our first dish!

Here comes the newbies at serving food:

Chiang Heng, the representative from our table. When we thought the first dish was on our table, it turned out to be…



This is our first dish… Finally! We were really famished by then. Imagine our happiness when we saw the food.

Yay! *happy stomachs cheers*

While we ate, the first performance by a trio came on stage and put up the ballad “I’mYours” by Jason Mraz.

Next,  Melissa and I performed. Melissa displayed 20 yo-yo tricks in 3 minutes while I narrated a story according to the different tricks she did.

Our dearest supporters!

Melissa did “Spank the Baby”

“Rock a Baby”

“Chinese Cradle”

“Around the World”

“Man on a Flying Trapeze”

“Splitting the Atom”

or was it the “Braintwister”?

Getting members of the audience to join us on the stage

And the best part?







Getting our Deputy Head of Publishing, Fei Chen, onstage to join us for a short yo-yo act!

Patient Melissa showing Fei Chun the tricks of the trade

The third performing group was made up of  putting a dance fit only for summer!

Right after the performances, the host played another game with the audiences. This time round, it was a drinking game. The emcee formed 2 teams who were each required to finish the drinks using a thin plastic tube that stretched across half a room. It was definitely no mean feat!

Spot the plastic tubing!

Desperate times calls for desperate measures?!!

Contestants for the Best Dressed

There was also a special appearance by a lady… Here’s a glance at her back view:

Guessed who she is?
















She is none other than…


Abigial Chay!

I believe this seasoned performer who was featured previously on Life Story needs no introduction. She sang a few self-made songs and even got the audience to witness her “mock” marriage to a guy who was volunteered by his friends. Nonetheless, he was game enough and played along with her. Thumbs up!

More photos with lovely people from the lunch group

I like Hong Lee’s straw hat!

Yum Seng!

Our dessert for the night: Mangosteen Sherbet! Very nice! I would really love to have more of this but I couldn’t really find them in supermarkets… Are they out yet? Can I have more? *hint hint*

The winners for “Times got Talent” was announced after dessert and we came in 2nd! Woots!

Even Fei Chun got a prize!

Beautiful Helen and I

 After the announcement of the winners, the emcee got the winners of 6th – 10th lucky draw prizes to the stage and got them to play a series of games which makes some of us squirm and squinch.

The winners (yes, despite them being the rightful WINNERS) were required to go through some obstacles before they claimed what is rightfully theirs. To decide who gets their prizes and walk away without having to undergo unknown challenges, the winners were required to pick a number and here’s the results:

Spot the one with the skull? He turned out to be the most unlucky guy of the night although he did walk away with the 6th prize. I remembered it being a $200 voucher but considering the things he went through, I wonder if it was really worth it. Here are the challenges he overcame:

1. His leg got taped and Fei Chun was invited to peel out the tape with one tug.

2. Eating either chilli or chilli padi

3. Holding on to a balloon til it burst.

Despite all of these, he was all smiles. He was really impressive and a gentleman through and through.

Everyone was invited to the dance floor shortly after and while some danced away to the crazily good tunes played, the winners to the lucky draw were announced and the night ended with some lucky souls going home with really attractive prizes!

Til the next post! 🙂

2 Responses to “Tropical Fiesta at Mandarin Orchard Hotel”
  1. Jean says:

    Looks alot of people at this gathering. Great that you all enjoyed yourself. Have you been to Hawai’ia yet?

    We’ve been twice. EAch time to different islands. I do have photos embedded here and there but Hawai’i does deserve its own self standing posts as a topic. I enjoyed it because the root of Hawai’i is completely unlike the rest of the U.S. because of the native Hawai’ian roots/history.

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