Project A-Dress-A-Day

This blue piece is a real steal. I spotted it when I was doing window-shopping and although trying was not allowed, after an estimate, I decided upon it and make payment for it. I’m pretty unabashed about great buys because that is what one should do: making full use of every cent that you’ve so painstakingly earned and exchanging it for what it can get you. This blue piece, brand new at the time of purchase, had an unspoken retro feel about it. Be it the material or design, it had an old-school feel which attracted me to it.  The bad thing about buying a garment without trying was fearing that it would not fit. Luckily, this one did. I was lucky! Hope you like the blue and may it chase all your blues for the week out of the window!

A closeup on the lovely pleats that runs down the front of the dress

One of my favourite pair of earrings: A quaint one with a bluebird on a pearl.


What Say You? ;)

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