Project A-Dress-A-Day

Green green… green green…. The starting of an old school joke which makes use of various colours to form a tele-conversation.

Other than that, it is also my favourite colour (after I came to know Poh as it was his favourite colour too. Heehee.. I’m such a copycat. :p)

Though a colour many associate with jealousy or even claimed to make their skin appear yellow, I insist on keeping some of the pieces which I adore. Of course, the cut of the dress matters too. This dress that I wore for this week’s Project ADAD is a piece that Poh and I chanced upon. We were walking along the 2nd storey of Bugis Junction when we passed a shop that was packed with people. Apparently, the shop was having its grand opening and all the dresses were going for a reduced price to mark its beginning. (It has long closed down since.)

Attracted by the affordable price and the brilliant coloured clothing, Poh urged the eager me to try out some pieces. We picked a few pieces and surprisingly, most fitted me. After much deliberation, I decided on this piece and another pink number which I would feature on another day.

This green dress is very fitting and has the right stitches at the right place to accentuate my figure and hide my flaws. The thick white pleated straps stands out against the ocean-green, making the dress more interesting. It is still one of my favourite piece, given its flattering cut.

Have a good week ahead!

Til the next post. 🙂


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