Brunch at Dempsey Brassiere

Yay! Finally managed to find time to update my blog!

This time round, the girls got together and headed to town for brunch! It was really rare that the girls can wake up this early. After all, we need our beauty sleep and Fridays are usually spent out late for us to chill and wind down after a hectic week at work. The girls agreed to meet at 130 (Heehee… I know… The time is really not that early eh?) at Tiong Bahru to get a lift from Doreen to Dempsey and we were pretty excited to try the food at the suggested place by Lijun, Dempsey Brassiere. Yueyee and I were the first to arrive and after a LONG wait, Doreen and Lijun finally arrived to picked us up. I guess 130 PM may still be a teeny-weeny too early. Haha…Better late than never! 😉

As we were rather famished, we spent little time deciding what we want for our brunch and ordered it as quickly as we could after we got ourselves a seat.

The place was rather empty when we arrived. The interior was simple and rustic though the metallic chairs we sat on makes us feel really chilly on top of the already quite chilly place. Perhaps it was due to the lack of crowd though it was a weekend warm afternoon. I heard this place is often packed for dinner though!

Despite having less than 20 patrons in the restaurant, we spent a while waiting for the food to be served. When asked about the status of our food, the service crew was warm and polite and went to the kitchen to check it for us right after we enquired about it. Thumbs up for good customer service! 🙂

Food finally arrived and it’s time to feast!

‘The Works’ Burger $26

The thick  200 gram prime Angus beef patty was super yummy and coupled with the caramelised onions, crispy bacon, sautéed mushrooms, gruyere cheese, lettuce, tomato and pickle served with skinny fries… (yes.. all taken or if you would say, copied off the online menu… heehee) I couldn’t finish it all. It was really filling and after managing only to finish half of it, Doreen kindly offered to have the other half for her dinner. This is definitely good for 2 if you are a lover of beef and have a friend who shares the same likes!

The Big Brassiere Breakfast $24

Lijun ordered this and it was really yummy too! It may looked a little usual but those who love a good filling breakfast, this is a must try. Lijun had requested for the breakfast set to be tweaked to her preference and the kitchen did it well. Bagus! Of all the items here, I must pay special mention to the tomatoes. Yes, you read it right. The tomatoes are so good. Besides being really juicy, they pop when you bite on them and filled your mouth with all the goodness it has. Oooohh.. makes me drool at the thought of the popping tomatoes. Try them for yourself and you’ll see what I mean. Oh, I forgot to mention that they seemed really fresh, since they are served while still attached to their stalk.

 The Big Brassiere Breakfast $24

Yueyee ordered the same one but instead of scrambled eggs, she opted for 2 sunny side up and kept the bacon.

Eggs Royale $22

This dish is chef’s recommendation, indicated with a star next to it and it lived up to the expectation. Each time we had it, disguised under different names at various place, the taste hardly differs.  I’m not too sure if all cooks made it almost similarly or there’s just only one way of making it. Either way, this is good as the hollandaise sauce is not too much and the salmon is fresh and tender. 

Truffle Fries $13

I love truffle fries very much and this one is good. It reeks of the truffle oil which I know Poh detest but that’s precisely the reason we eat truffle fries right? Heehee… Coupled with the different types of mustards they provided, the truffle fries is really a must-have at this place!

After the mains and side dishes, it’s time for dessert!

After glancing through the list of desserts and pondering what to have, we decided to go for the one the was on its blackboard but not in its menu.

That said, since it’s not in the menu, I cannot recall its name. Sorry! However, there was really nothing much to remember about this dessert. I always fancy seeing the chocolate oozing out from a lava cake, like a little girl waiting in full anticipation of a candy or toy concealed in gift wrap. Imagine my disappointment when we cut open the cake only to find its core stuffed with just… more cake. There was no molten chocolate lava, no slightly melted chocolate. Just slightly moisten cake as compared to its outside. I wouldn’t recommend it if you are like me, someone who prefers to see the lava flowing out and of course, if it had, paired with the ice cream, the dessert would probably quite heavenly. 😦

I’ve proudly put together, for the first time, a GIF made up of some candid shots we girls took at the restaurant, thanks to another helpful service crew, and I’m going to post it up to end off this blog post.

Enjoy and pardon me for the amateurish work!

P.S Check out the lady walking in the background. Heehee…

Til the next post! 🙂


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