Project A-Dress-A-Day


It’s a Friday and what better day to meet up with friends than today? Chill out, sip on an ice old beer and throw the woes at work and til Monday comes, leave them all at the office and unwind for the weekend.

For Project A.D.A.D this week, I have on me a pretty pink dress. This pink is in a shade of pink that was very similar to the other pink dress which I had. I realised that this pink looks good on me. In fact, pink clothes complements my skin tone really well. I shall feature another one soon as the two I featured are now placed under the “Maybe” stack. I have put on weight and the felt snug in the 2 dresses! Argh.. Not a piece of fantastic news but I guess that calls for clothes to go to a different stack so that I can eventually achieve what the 333 project is about. I’m far off from that goal of mine but it is definitely possible! Working hard towards that! Ganbatte!

My colleagues mentioned that this belt reminds them of the headdress that the empress and princess used to wear.


Til the next post! 🙂


What Say You? ;)

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