How to Finish

I came across an article today which made me reflect. It was an article featured in Design Taxi named “How To Finish” by Leo Babauta.

In the article, it mentioned that many of us may have started off something with zest but eventually loses interest or enthusiasm along the way. I am no different. It happened to me. Project A.D.A.D was an impromptu ad hoc project I started this year. I tried doing a post every week but with time, with the amount of work bugging me, whenever I reached home, I just want to hit the couch and slack. Spending time the whole day in front of a desktop made me want to stay away from it when i am back home. Even a friend whom I met recently asked me why have I stopped updating and continuing with this project I started.

This project was started with the intention of clearing dresses which I could no longer fit into, no longer have a liking for, no longer look nice in e.t.c and in hope of achieving what Project 333 achieved. To date, I have cleared 7 dresses, some of them featured, some of them brand new. So is this Project A.D.A.D helping? I would think so. So why am I not motivated?

As I was reading the article, I began to realise what the problem was. I had perhaps set too huge a task for myself to achieve. I had started off the project, with what the title suggested: A dress a day. I had wanted to do a post each day showcasing the dresses and stuff I wore and eventually conduct polls to eliminate them one at a time. But this is perhaps too mammoth a task for someone bound to her job from 8 to 6, reaches home at 8, washes up, does a little housework and by the time she sits herself down on her desk ready to blog, the clock just hit 930pm. It’s almost time for bed.

The blogging is then shelved and with time, the task is forgotten and perhaps the project will be dissolved unknowingly. Sigh… I have to admit. I was certainly too ambitious. I had already cut myself some slack but one post a week is still too much for me to handle. I guess I would have to change the name to Project A-Dress-Biweekly or Project A-Dress-Fortnightly. Not only would it allow me one weekend to do my pictures, it would also allow me another week to do my post nicely. So… here goes, making my task bite-sized like what the article suggest so that I can accomplish what I set out to do without losing sight of the goal completely or unwillingly. 🙂

I would think of a catchy name for the revamp of this project and meanwhile, I would just keep going until I’m done with a post.

When I’m done, I’ll definitely shout out to everyone so do pop by to give me a little pat on the back for the effort I put in to keep up with my project. I’ll definitely also be doing the poll on the elimination of the dress when there are at least 10 dresses featured. Look out for it!!

Til the next post! 🙂

3 Responses to “How to Finish”
  1. natslaptaps says:

    Jia you la dear!
    I found it a bit tedious to post from my laptop – get pictures from the phone into the computer, edit, upload, arrange, type, post….

    So I got myself the wordpress app. Uploading pictures direct has been really really good, and I just type on my phone whenever I have time. (like when we’re in the car driving everywhere)

    Aaaand, I had a thought for the name for your project,
    Project A-Dress-At-A-Time/ A-Dress-One-At-A-Time.
    Long, but it’s suitable 😉

    • eMoTuRtLeT84 says:

      Thanks Nat!!! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ I got the app but it really loads slowly so that a damper too. But I’ll make sure I stick to the project til the I achieve my 333! arghhh.. such a impossible feat.. hahahha… Thanks for the suggestion! I really like it!!! I’ll probably switch to it the next post! Heehee.. Thank you!!! *smooch* Keep up the posts on ur babies too. They are super vintage!


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