Keep Big Pores Away!

A common skin problem I faced, like many of the other girls, is the enlarged pores on my T-zone and the areas surrounding it. I do not usually pay much attention to it but when I bring my face close to the new two-sided mirror which I bought from Ikea, especially the side which magnifies, my heart drop and sink. I call that the reality mirror. No matter how I convinced myself that my enlarged pores do not exist, the mirror tells the truth, in a larger way. Enlarged pores are really a nuisance and they tarnished our very glimpse of hope to attaining a good skin complexion.

So, imagine my glee when Cozycot has kindly selected me to do the product review for Body Shop’s New Skincare Product: The Tea Tree Pore Minimiser from its global best-selling range.

Formulated to fight shine and enlarged pores with the best of what the nature can offer, the Tea Tree Pore Minimiser is all set to shrink the pores shrink your pores!

When I opened the tube of the Tea Tree Pore Minimiser, I could smell the fresh scent of tea tree almost immediately. The minimiser was fluid, though much viscous than water, and the smell lingered on even after application. The skin appeared matte and the shine was gone. The surface of the skin now feels smooth to touch and I could hardly feel it there. Doubling up as a primer, it is definitely a good way of killing two birds with a stone, healing the skin while concealing the flaws.



That’s not all. Coupled with the Tea Tree Oil, they formed the dynamic duo!

Blemishes stemmed from the various bad habits we have and the hectic lifestyle we led so the Tea Tree Oil comes in really handy when a zit popped up! Apparently, tea tree oil, when applied topically has 4 ‘A’s qualities, namely, antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic. Imagine the goodness that is packed in this tiny bottle containing the oil that has been painstakingly extracted from such an amazing plant!

The oil is a pale yellow liquid that is really fluid. As like the pore minimiser, it has a rich tea tree scent that lasts, leaving you awake and refreshed. As compared to olive oil, the Tea Tree Oil feels light and does not leave an oily and sticky feeling on one’s skin.

Did you also know that the Tea Tree skin care range contains Community Fair Trade organic tea tree oil from the Kenya Organic Oil Farmers Association in Mount Kenya National Park? Trading with this group of smallholders encourages sustainable and organic farming practices, which help preserve the park’s natural biodiversity!

I am so pleased to know that I am supporting fair trade and look forward to gorgeous looking skin with the combination of this power packed duo. Now… what’s then in store for you? Guess what?

The Body Shop is giving away them for free!

All you have to do is submit a review about your favourite Tea Tree product in the range in no more than 50 words. Get your friends to vote for you and the top 3 reviewers with the most votes will win a Tea Tree hamper worth more than $300 and their voters stand to win a Tea Tree hamper worth more than $100! So what are you waiting for? Put it up in your blog (like what I did) and get your followers/friends to take part in this contest and vote for you at the same time. For all you know, you could be the lucky winner! Act now! The contest ends on 17th August 2012! Click here to go! Quit waiting!

Meanwhile, I’ll indulge myself in care of my tea tree combo!

Til the next post! :p


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