Project A-Dress-A-Day, a.k.a Project A.D.A.D is back! But… not everyday. Haha… As mentioned in an earlier post, I realised that it is almost impossible to post an entry a day for this project but!!!! I think it is definitely possible to do it at my pace. So… when I have the time on hand to write an entry, or when I want to update the project, I would and I would do it all the way til I reached my final goal. Just last week, Poh threw out 3 bags full of my clothes!!! Can you imagine?! Would any of you allow that to happen?! Your dear precious clothing?! The ones you have spent time trying and accumulating… only to be thrown away by your husband!

Please do not be mistaken. I was not forced into it. I allowed it to happen. To Poh, I am probably one of the most “I-can’t-be-bothered” woman he knew. I don’t choose dresses that fit me. When I see something I like, I just put it on and hit the streets, even if it’s a shabby t-shirt that has been with me for eons. This simply puts him off. To him, dressing up for events is a way of showing respect for your host as well as for yourself. Though this idea has set off many squabbles, I guess the only way his actions are justified is when he throws some, he buys some! Today’s feature will be a dress Poh bought. The best part is, he bought it without me trying it on.

He went for his haircut and as he passed by a ladies’ fashion store, he decided that I needed new dresses. Thus, he entered the store, browsed through the dresses that were hung on the rack and got me this. There’s actually a few more that he has bought, either with me trying or without and I must say, the dresses do fit me quite well. The cut is flattering, being tight at the right places and covering me up where I refuse to flaunt.

This light blue dress with white polka dots caught his eye as it was not too flamboyant for my then-teaching career and he  realised that instead just a plain dress, the person who designed the dress actually added ribbon around the neck area, making the dress more detailed.

Not wanting to spoil the overall feel of this retro cutsey dress, I paired it with a simple dangling earring.

Til the next post! 🙂



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