Labrador Nature Reserve Park

Yay! The long overdue post on Labrador Nature Reserve Park is finally done!

Poh and I met up with Wei Wei and Patrick for lunch at Old Kallang Airport Food Centre before heading down to the park. We were so glad the weather was looking good for our trip.

On our way, we passed by a really dilapidated house and we began speculating the possible haunted stories associated with it. Even though it was broad daylight, I could not bear the thought of being nearsuch a spooky building and hurried Poh to pass it. For those who are more adventurous, you may want to enter the house at your own risk!

Before we knew it, we have arrived at the park. Poh parked his car and soon, we were exploring the place.

This little creature was so focused on sunbathing it did not notice us as we passed it by.

A supposedly spa/resort place that is under renovation

We went up the hill facing this deserted building and entered the Labrador Park.

Poh blending in with the greens

Beware of falling branches and trees!

The gorgeous view at the end of the wooden board walk. After catching a glimpse of the jetty below, we began the descend down the hill and through the greens.

Nature Path

Wearing my favourite pair of flats which is so comfy whenever I go on trips with Poh which I’m required to walk, walk and WALK!

The beautiful park once we emerged from the greens. Poh, Pat and Weiwei are ahead of me. Spot them. Yes, they are all in view.

Looking back at where we came out from.

Unobstructed view of the sea.

The jetty at the far end was the same one we saw from the hilltop.

Poh was our saviour. We got at most 1 or 2 bites from the mosquitos thriving in the woods. He got at least 8 on each of his legs. We were spared. An advice to anyone visiting this serene place, bring some mosquito repellent or stick a mosquito patch to ward off these pests and prevent unsightly bites.

There were a number of these manholes erected along the beach. We found out that the space within these manhole was enough for 1 gunman to stand and the hole for him to take aim at the enemies that were approaching by sea then. Looking at these structures, I feel their fear. I think they must have been scared out of their wits, stuck at the frontline with nowhere to run except to shoot. It is a fortress after all. Thank you for being there and then and for standing against the attackers.

As we walk along the coast, we came to this vertical rock wall that is part of the hill. Poh then came up with an interesting thought. Climb the wall we did.

Me? I’m too afraid of falling. Besides, I’m taking photographs. 😉

The Reflections

An opening shrouded with overgrown and choked with rubbles. It will probably lead the men somewhere back then but now, it is just a forgotten passage.

Beginning our ascend up the hill again to return to the where we came from.

Where the big guns stand

There are many tunnels underground but they have been sealed.

We decided to catch our breath at the Eco Cafe, situated near to the car park we parked our car.

Rather than fries, we order fried cod and wedges to share. We also got ourselves different concoction of juices with really interesting names but I could not remember them now. Such a pity… You could guess the flavour of the drink from its colours though.

It was almost time for dinner when we finished our drinks so we decided to grab an early one with Zhenming at Megumi, a Japanese restaurant that serves super yummy and authentic Japanese fare.

Megumi Japanese Restaurant

77 Upper East Coast Road, #01-03 

Check out the thick slabs of fish!

Paper Steamboat

This is actually salmon skin. It is has a thin wisp of fish smell but definitely close to undetectable. If you are someone who prefer more flavourful food, the skin is pretty tasteless. I love it actually, not because it was tasteless, but for the very fact that it is über crispy. Unlike commercialised sushi places, this salmon skin is sliced thinly and fried to crisp. It breaks off easily when you take a bite and it is best eaten hot. The ones I ordered at usual sushi places turned out rather hard and served in huge chunks.

This is also one yummy dish. Succulent kurobuta pork anyone?

How’s dinner complete without desert right? We headed over to Udders, the ice cream place just a few doors away from the restaurant before we ended the day. 🙂

Til the next post! 🙂

2 Responses to “Labrador Nature Reserve Park”
  1. Jean says:

    Looks like a great place for a mini walk and yummy meal. Also looks hot/humid?

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