Simei Eastpoint Mall is CLOSING DOWN!!! :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

This is no longer new news. Shoppers who lived around the area would have gotten wind of it by now from the daily chats with the shop owners or from the other shoppers. If you have not heard of it, this would only mean that you are (1) not an easterner or (2) you don’t frequent the Simei Eastpoint Shopping Mall. Whichever the case, it is no matter. What matters is how miserable our lives will become in the absence of this shopping mall. In case you are wondering why, let me tell you. I shall start with the shops Poh and I frequent.

KFC – Yes, I know. There are plenty of Kentucky Fried Chicken Fastfood Restaurant around Singapore. I can eat it anywhere too, but why would I want to go elsewhere when there is one that’s just 10 minutes’ walk from my place? You may be surprised but this is the KFC that we go to the most, not the one in Tampines.

Pet Safari – Who can forget the first mega pet store in Singapore that has been around since I was in Secondary School? Sidenote: That was more than a decade ago!!! O.M.G… I’m getting old.. 😦  Pet stores usually do not last and they are often closed down within one or two years as (1) not everyone is an animal lover, (2) not everyone would want to get a pet everyday or send their pets for grooming but when you have a one-stop station that caters to not just pet lovers but also pet owners, bingo! Everyone flocks to the store. Ok, maybe not flock but the human traffic is guaranteed. There is variety and there is ample stock. The huge signboard that hangs on the facade of the building is hard to miss. It has all that you need for your pet and even a section within which you can choose a pet from! Of course, over the years, with other pet shops opening, the crowd died down but the store hung on. It is really a pity if this store is moving out of the mall after the renovation. 😦

Bossin, the place I turned to help resurrect my dying scalp and limpy hair is also moving out by January. When it does, I would have to travel to either Toa Payoh or Bugis Street to get my hair treatment done. Both these two places are not on the way home at all. 😦

Optic Point, as the name suggests, is an optical shop that sells really affordable eyewear. In fact, it sells the lowest priced eyewear among all the optical shops in Eastpoint Mall. Unfortunately, I discovered it too late and it has shifted out when October ended. The nearest Optic Point outlet is at Tampines Street 21.

There is Challenger, the place to satisfy the tech geek within us and Daiso for the aunty in me that go bananas over value for money $2 stuff.

There’s Citispa, the salon which I go to for my regular dose of facial and full body massage.

Sidenote: I felt super cheated as I was told by fellow female friends that a facial should cost between $40-$50 whereas I am paying like $80 – $90 for one session. Even worse, my complexion did not improve and the manager actually told me to put masks on my own at least twice a week and use pore clarifying products when I complained of my condition. Irritated! As for the body massage, they used to have a very skillful masseur but she has taken leave for a long period as her mum, who was previously taking care of her child, had fallen ill. So, there was a replacement who only reports on Thursday and Friday (WHAT?!) who massaged me with such rapid strokes that I was unable to relax and in her haste, I flinched in pain at one instance, causing her to give me a lecture on how massages are supposed to be fast. O_O When I gave the manager feedback, she advised me to try the masseur at other outlets. Super bad service. Think twice before signing packages with them. Now I can only try to finish up my packages asap!!! 😦 

Ok… I’m done complaining. Now, back to issue on the mall closing.  On the third floor, there is Chen Kang Wellness which has one section dedicated specially for ladies! How thoughtful, right? ^.^ The masseurs do a good job and everyone is taken care of.

My favourite Chinese restaurant, the Paradise Inn which served soup that is too good to miss will be so missed when the mall closes for renovation. So if you have not tried the soups, please do! Of course, one could argue that there are also other Paradise Inn outlets around but one the is easily accessible, serves quality food, has adequate polite and customer oriented staff is really hard to come by. 😦

There’s also Panmar, an independent fashion store that specialises in ladies’ fashion which I like to frequent as the store brings in new items every two weeks, has a lovely assistant by the name of Jacqueline that provides fashion tips and a really friendly store owner.

On the fifth floor, there is this famous western food that is parked in the innermost corner of the dying Banquet food court. The reason why I mentioned it was dying is because there are less than 10 food stalls operating within the food court that has the space to accommodate at least 20 food stalls.  The portion of the western food served is good, the fries served is often hot, there is salad to go with the meal, there is hardly any part of it to dislike except the price. It is slightly pricey but nonetheless, it has been and still is the most popular store in the Banquet Food Court. That also explains why it has been around since the start and now, perhaps til February only.

There is, of course, not forgetting the basement of the shopping mall where we do our grocery shopping at NTUC, buy our regular doses of liang teh, borrow vcds from VideoEzy, eat the Seafood Aglio Olio from Hans e.t.c.

Other than these few shops that Poh and I usually go to, I also have fond memories here.

There is the Istanbul Gourmet which had been around since the mall started. The chef is still the same uncle which served me when I was a secondary school girl  and I bet he must be feeling super nostalgic about having to let go of this shop in due time. Starbucks is also another place which I used to hang out with friends after school either for a quick catchup or to mug. Golden Horse Curtain Services, the shop which my mother-in-law and I got our curtains and blinds from will also become history. There is also the Precious Memories Gifts, the shop I can rushed to get last minute birthday cards or gifts for people. I must emphasize, it does not happen very often by the way.

Of course, there are also gong cha, new zealand ice cream, the posb bank, watsons and burger king elsewhere but I can already foresee myself being greatly inconvenienced and deprived once these merchants moved out. 😦

To sum it all, it is really quite upsetting to know that the mall that we had benefit so much from and had quite a fair bit of good memories with is going to be gone soon. If you have not been here, come and take a look. If you have been here and have not come back for a long time, take a tour around for the last time before it will be closing down February 2013. I will miss you, Eastpoint Shopping Mall! 😦

13 Responses to “Simei Eastpoint Mall is CLOSING DOWN!!! :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(”
  1. Jean says:

    You really are a consumerist, aren’t you? 🙂 I used to enjoy shopping for hrs. or wandering around like that ….20 yrs. ago. Now I’ve lost alot of patience. Life is short. So it’s cycling off for adventures.

    You’ll find something else.

  2. af says:

    will it open again?

    • eMoTuRtLeT84 says:

      Apparently, it will remain closed til end of next year? That is just a guess as there isn’t any real notification of it being closed as of yet. Even the employees at NTUC doesn’t even know what is going to become of it. I wouldn’t know if it is going to take on a new name too.

  3. Am says:

    I work in the Simei district and I go to Eastpoint Mall almost everyday. Seeing the Mall is closing down, I am worried where I can find decent food in the area other than Foodfare.

    • eMoTuRtLeT84 says:

      There’s food court nearby, and perhaps Fei Siong at Changi Simei CC? I guess Tampines would be really crowded when the Eastpoint Mall undergoes renovation. Thank goodness NTUC will be there til 31 May then it will be relocated at the make-shift supermarket at the open field next to the existing mall. Hans is moving to Metta Building and will open in May. 🙂

  4. RR says:

    Yeah.. No more POSB bank.. This morning I went to drop my check in the quick deposit just to realise it is no more.

    I need to go Tampines to drop my checks & also for Starbucks coffee..:-(

    • eMoTuRtLeT84 says:

      Exactly!!! I wanted to withdraw money from the POSB bank as the atm at the MRT has a long queue but it was covered with wooden boards already. So upsetting.. 😦

  5. EastPointFan says:

    I was searching for East Point Mall in google and somehow found your blog..
    I am having the same sentiment as you and Its really sad to know that East Point Mall will be closing down for 18 months of renovation. Definitely, it will not going to be the same East Point where i used to spend most of my teenage time hanging around.. Seeing East Point thru different stages, from Studio City Cinema to Golden Village to Tuition Center… from largest pet store in Asia(Pet Safari) to a normal size pet shop at corner of the mall… and…. Just hope that after renovation, there will be more exicting shops and cinema will be back…. Hope they wont change the name and still remain as East Point…

    • eMoTuRtLeT84 says:

      Hi EastPointFan,

      I think there must be alot of us who spent our teenage years hanging around the Eastpoint and to see the many familiar shops go is just sad. I hope not too much change is going to be implemented. :S

  6. nyvrem says:

    Bump into this blog after I tried to google eastpoint mall.
    You forgot to mention the arcade and the malay barber next to it
    I remember always going there when I was in secondary school, been over 10 years already. Damn. Good times those.

    • Huiling says:

      Haha!! I seldom go to the arcade though I do have some impression of it being tucked in the inner shopping corridors…

  7. alisa says:

    Do you know where the Cosderma & Coslab moved to where?

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