Dinner with 4Justice

This is a long-overdue post…

I met up with my secondary school friends in April and here I am blogging only about it in December! Haha… Well, that could only mean one thing: I had simply too much on hand to handle and I could not allocate any time to blog at all! That is the most unfortunate reality. Time is not on my side, especially when I have my own place to tidy, my own chores to finish, a over-hectic job e.t.c and the list goes on. Rather than complaining, I have learnt an important lesson, and that is to accept it, deal with it and overcome it. Learning the lesson is one thing, coming to terms with it and actually doing it is yet another.

A year have passed and I am still trying to come to terms with the overwhelming household. Perhaps I will never ever overcome it but that’s hard to say… Well, let’s put that aside and focus on the dinner at a restaurant that Siyi had recommended.

We met after work at The Central and walked along the river to get to the restaurant. Located after the stretch of shops that lined Robertson Quay at The Quayside, it is a small, authentic yakatori joint is opened by the Aburiya chain that has made its name in Japanese grill. One can select between seats outdoors or indoors although I would recommend you to sit outside if you don’t want your hair and clothes to end up smelling of yakatori. For those who perspire much, the indoors will do you much better, considering you will be grilling your food and probably be enduring both the heat in the air as well as the heat emitted by the pit.

We chose an indoor window seat that could accommodate the 6 of us and prowled through the menu. We then decided to go ahead with a set as it seemed to have a good variety and we could add on if there was not enough for all of us.

Here comes the food!

Assorted Kimchi

Beef and Potato Stew

Green Salad

Prime Beef Tongue

Outside Skirt (Butter Garlic)

Beef Loin in Shio Marination

and here are the add-ons:

Portobello Mushroom

Wagyu Beef Slices

Wagyu Beef Cubes

Digging in!

Dinner was really filling. However, girls being girls, we went to the Bernard Laurent Chocolatier next door for some desserts to satisfy our craving for sweet endings.

I can’t remember the names of the sweet treats we ordered (because this event took place 8 months ago!) but from the pictures below, one can easily tell that there was a waffle with ice cream, lava fudge cake with ice cream too(which has real fudge oozing out.. I like…) and a souffle.

What is really special about this souffle is the little tube that was stuck into it. Apparently, it contained the mint syrup that is optional for one to add into the souffle. It was really good with or without it, though Siyi preferred it without. And before you wonder why there isn’t any photographs of the people I was having dinner with or begin suspecting I am creating this entire post out of pure imagination, here are the pictures of the lovely people that I have spent the last 2 years of my secondary school with. 🙂

Me, Weisau, Huixian, XiongWei, Shan Shan, Siyi


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