Christmas… is OvEr?! O.O

After reading the Daily Prompt, I took a break at 12 noon and start making a post.

In a blink of an eye, the Christmas holiday is over. The lovely atmosphere is not quite though and definitely not the 11 days of Christmas that follow. Are you out grabbing stuff at a huge discount at the boxing sale toady? Or have you been called back to work because it is no longer a public holiday?

As an interesting comment on a face book post read, “Reality is the realm where cold hard cash is earned.” This is, sadly, a hard truth. For me, work resumes but I am not at all upset! In fact, today, I will still be celebrating Christmas with a Boxing Day dinner with the girls at the Nassim Hill. I do hope the lights are still up at 40 Nassim Road where Mr Leonard Francis, as reported in the news, has taken a great amount of effort to do up the decorations for the festive season. Will be posting pictures of them if they are still intact!

I spent yesterday waking up late, shopping around the less crowded Parkway Parade shopping mall since the shopping for presents has almost died down, eating dinner and sharing a log cake with the family at mil’s home and watching a silly show “Meet the Spartans” on television while chilling out with Poh at our home. It was a slow-moving, quiet but cosy Christmas.

To everyone who’s reading this post, a post-Merry Christmas! I hope that everyone has rested well enough and charged up for the coming 2013. For those of you, who have not, do not fret! Take action now to achieve a better you! There are still 6 more days before the New Year! 😀

5 Responses to “Christmas… is OvEr?! O.O”
  1. Jean says:

    Best wishes for a lovely Chrstmas and promising New Year. The only shopping post-Christmas I did was: buying a pair of well insulated snowboots for snowshoeing and deeply discounted Christmas cards.

    We spent a few days snowshoeing in the Canadian Rocky Mountains by Lake Louise during Christmas. 20 cm. of snow dumped into the area and it was every wonderful snow luscious, winter wonderland scenery you ever dreamt of and see on Christmas cards. Enough gorgeous photos for inspiring blog posts to come!

    I managed to go snowshoeing for 3 days..and then 4th day my tough boot broke across the top foot. So that’s the reason for new boots.

    When already I bought another pair of winter boots…for walking, not snowshoeing 2 months ago. But I don’t begrudge such purchases….we get winters that are -25 degrees C or lower. That’s average at least 30% of our winters every year here in Alberta.

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