Good Eats in 2012 – Megumi Japanese Restaurant

In 2012, Poh and I went to several food places where we have not been to in the past. Most served good food. Some have nice ambiance. Here’s the first on the  list and hope you would enjoy the pictures as much as we did enjoy the food and the ambience! 🙂 Megumi Japanese Restaurant 77 … Continue reading

ProCellax DG1 Review

When I was younger, I love supper. In fact, almost every other night, I’ll either meet my 자기야 at the coffee shop near her place for tea and roti prata  or I’ll be with my family at the Changi Hawker Centre or the coffee shops opposite the street for hor fun or other food. Recently, … Continue reading

My 2012 In Pictures

“5…4…3…2…1! Happy New Year!” At the stroke of midnight, the new year arrived. Following a clink of our glasses, we drank to the passing of 2012. Was 2012 good? Could it better? That would only depend on how one look at it. Heeding the weekly photo challenge by the daily post, here’s my 2012 in … Continue reading