My 2012 In Pictures

“5…4…3…2…1! Happy New Year!” At the stroke of midnight, the new year arrived. Following a clink of our glasses, we drank to the passing of 2012. Was 2012 good? Could it better? That would only depend on how one look at it. Heeding the weekly photo challenge by the daily post, here’s my 2012 in pictures. Hope you enjoy them like I did. 🙂


Counting Down to 2012 at the Karaoke Lounge
before heading to see the spectacular fireworks at Marina Bay

Chalet + BBQ with my beloved 4/7. Missed them lots.

KTV with Sis & Bro

Brunch at Doreen

Lunch at Siam Kitchen with Fish who is in based Shanghai

Spending Chinese New Year with Family

Note: Lo Hei with Aunts at Mum’s place which Mimi made is especially*yums*


SteamBoat with Friends using our newly bought cookware – Steamboat pot and Tefal Hotplate

Valentines’ Day Dinner at the same hotel where we held our wedding lunch. Sweet memories…

Having lunch (all local delicacies not easily available abroad)
with Huili the first time she came back for the year

Attending MayDay’s Concert at the Indoor Stadium. Super good!


We are married for 1 year! *claps*

ILight Festival at Marina Bay

NYP celebrates its 20th anniversary


Feasting with Friends

1st time with Miss Yao at Udders

Poh turned 30…

So did Wei Wei.

Eating my first brunch at The Dempsey Brassiere – Food so-so… Lava cake fail. Haha…

Met up with secondary school classmates. Some of them just don’t age… sigh…


Meeting New Friends/Colleagues and having potluck for the first time

Emcee + Storyteller for Melissa’s Performance during TPL’s DND

Learnt how to make macarons at AFC with Jamie

Dinner at Prive  –  I thought they had the best aglio olio til Huili’s Bdae (see below)

Dinner at Megumi – I fell in love with their Tonkatsu ramen. It became my comfort food.

Exploring Labrador Park

Meeting up with Huili the 2nd time she’s back


Frequent Dinner at Fish market Sakuraya – The sashimi is so fresh you just can’t stop.

Yueyee cut her hair short…

So did Doreen. Here’s us again, attacking the dim sum, after a game of squash. My first.


Meeting Tiffy for dinner who is currently based in KL

Attending Delsise’s Wedding


Making Macarons for National Day (not exactly successful though. Ha!)

Visiting Gardens By The Bay



Huili turned 28! This time round, the aglio olio fail to impress.

Getting Lost in Taiwan


Entering a whole new world of crazily energetic and fun loving people
and taking on the role of Marketing Executive

Dinner at Coastal Settlement – Fantastic ambience, food… meh.

Dinner at Fatboy & Drinks at Five & Dime
Good burgers with juicy beef, beverages at $5.10 after 10pm. Bagus!

Exploring Farms at Yio Chu Kang


Selling Our Dear Sofa

Attending Dejavu event


I turned 28!

My balcony evolved into a farm

Pre Christmas Meetup with Fish & Tiffy

The bees visit

Boxing Day Dinner

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