ProCellax DG1 Review

When I was younger, I love supper. In fact, almost every other night, I’ll either meet my 자기야 at the coffee shop near her place for tea and roti prata  or I’ll be with my family at the Changi Hawker Centre or the coffee shops opposite the street for hor fun or other food.

Recently, I realized I had difficult digesting food I ate. I have to stop eating, especially at the fifth course during a banquet dinner where eight to ten course meal are served or after a gathering at a buffet place.

Not only can I no longer eat as much as I can when I was younger, I also experienced discomfort in my stomach. My stomach feels bloated and the food seemed to be on the verge of being thrown out. As you can imagine, with such problems often came flatulence that is often not pleasant smelling. Also, there could be a few days that I may not need to empty my bowels despite eating regular meals! I don’t mean to be gross, really!

Just for your information, here’s a cute chart to gauge how healthy are your poops.

So what is the status of your poop?

Some of you may be horrified after taking this mini-quiz. Well, I was. Here’s a chart of the types of poop you may experience:

I guess I have to blame my choice of diet and lifestyle for all that uncomfy feelings I made my poor stomach undergo. When I was back at home, living with my parents, my mum would always prepare fruits after dinner. There would also be plenty of greens during dinner. If I did not eat any vegetables during lunch, dinner time would definitely be my good chance of making up for all the vitamins and nutrients the veggy has, not to mention it also aids digestion.

Ever since I moved out, plus the late working hours, Poh and I have resorted to settling most of our dinners outside. Of course, we still do dinners with our family occasionally but with the low frequency of eating home and making sure we have a well-balanced diet, the lack of important factors which result in poor bowel movements is inevitable.

Have you noticed how little the vegetables were given in our daily one-meal dish such as prawn noodles, wanton noodles or even fried rice? Unless one intentionally opts for economic rice which, of course, allow one to include vegetables or insists on the uncle adding more vegetables to one’s dish, on other lunch occasions, there is hardly any food that one consume that is exceptionally high in fibre.

When I meet with such discomfort, I usually take some antacids or the traditional Po Chai Pills to ease the uneasiness. However, I’m not exactly sure if they help to improve my digestive system in the long run or just provide relief. Also, antacids are believed to slow down the digestive process without addressing the true cause of indigestion

Thus, when Cozycot offers ProCellax DG1 Optimal Digestion for reviewers to try, I was intrigued, naturally. I wanted to improve my digestion and really hope to use this opportunity to try out something which boasts to aid my body’s digestion and increase nutrient absorption. This supplement is said to not only support the digestive system by providing all-natural enzymes needed to break down carbohydrates, fats, proteins, dairy products and difficult-to-digest food into essential nutrients, it also contain a powerful combination of protease enzymes, which are effective in a wide pH range in the digestive tract and help hydrolyze protein into smaller peptides and amino acids. Above all, it also helps to relieve ingestion gas and bloating! Yay!

Did you know? At age 30, enzyme production in our digestive system drops significantly. Thus, this digestive enzyme is recommended for the enhancement of nutrient absorption, energy increase and the promotion of one’s overall well being.

Known as the Digestive Enzyme Therapy, with the increase in enzymes that complement the digestive enzymes produced by specialized cells in one’s pancreas, stomach and salivary glands, these enzymes, together with ones in live food, facilitate the breakdown of food that result in its absorption and the production of energy.

I have taken it for about 10 days and it seemed that I am going to the loo on a regular basis. I won’t go into the details of the texture and colour and… Ok. I’m stopping here but you get the point. I don’t feel exceptionally well but I guess this product would take a while to detox my body.

I do look forward to better health after eating ProCellax DG1 for optimal digestion!

Worry less about digestive problems with ProCellax DG1! Eat the foods you enjoy! And smell pleasant! Haha! 😉


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