Good Eats in 2012 – Sakuraya Fish Mart

Though I have been an easterner for close to 15 years, it is really interesting to realise that new eats are sprouting in places that are so close to home.

Here’s the one that have been opened since 1998, shifted, renovated and relocated within the same mall, with a bigger land area to cater to the ever-hungry crowd, craving for its fresh sashimi and other Japanese delicacies. :)

Sakuraya Fish Mart

80 Parkway Parade Road

#B1 – 84D, Singapore 449269

6345 4714

Mon – Thu: 11:00 – 21:30 /Fri – Sun: 11:00 – 22:00

The name of this restaurant is a little unlike the rest. There isn’t the word “restaurant” or “eating place” in it. Instead, there were the two words, “Fish Mart”. This would make probably anyone who is passing by the shop a little curious and perhaps puzzled. “Why is there a fish market at the basement of Parkway Parade?” To some, maybe it wouldn’t be a surprise since there is already a butcher. Unknown to some, this fish mart doesn’t merely sell fish. It sells both fresh seafood, dried food, cooked food and ready-to-eat-packed food. It’s like a mini-groceries store cum wet fish market and food place. When you stepped into the store, you are instantly greeted with an array of goods flown in from the land of the rising sun. After you are done browsing through the shelves that stocked up some really interesting snacks and drinks and even crockery from Japan, you may proceed to select fresh fish which you can either take away or have the chef cut in up to serve as fresh sashimi or have it steamed or fried, whichever style you prefer. I really enjoy dining here and ever since discovering this place, dinner at this unique and compact dining spot has become a more than monthly affair.

  Shelves decked with all the interesting snacks 

After many visits to this place, I would suggest going before 7 pm for dinner to avoid dinner crowds. Or else, this is what you can expect:

A crazy winding queue!

In case you can’t really tell where the queue ends, the guy in the orange-pink with white stripes shirt marks it. 

Here’s the interesting range of food you get to see at the fish mart which is not usually available at neighbourhood wet markets:

So many different labels of seafood available! 

Here’s the fresh seafood!

Geoducks (It’s a saltwater clam) and Bloody Clams (Not really bloody though…)

 An ugly fish… To be exact, The Stone Fish


Sea Urchins

Take your pick!

Sashimi! They have the freshest, among the many that I’ve eaten. 

These are our orders:

Salmon Belly Sashimi. So soft, so tender…

Top Shell & Kim Chi

Miso Soup

Fried Tilapia accompanied by a special sauce. However, this fish is so crispy, the bones could be eaten too! 

The crazy crowd at 9 pm.

What you saw are merely a fraction of the seafood they bring in. Like markets, the seafood they placed on the refrigerator ranges from day-to-day and it would be good to give them a call during non-feeding hours (such as after lunch) to check if they have the seafood you are after. On one occasion, we were lucky to have blue fin tuna and pink swordfish which later become one of our all-time favourite too. A friend commented that their standards seemed to be dipping. So if you are keen to try fresh sashimi, hurry before the standards dipped beyond what one can accept.

Just as we were leaving, the queue was still a 8-men strong. So, do take note. Go early, if you want to avoid the queue, guarantee a seat and pick the freshest of the lot. 😉


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