Review of DrGL(R) Cleanser Lightening

Have you heard of Doctor Georgia Lee? If you haven’t, here’s a brief description of her: Slender, statuesque, a straight-As medical student, a glamorous and renowned doctor… These are but some of the few phrases used to describe her. As you might notice, there is hardly anything bad that could be said of her. I have seen her appear on television and the newspaper a couple of times. The deepest impression I had of her was when I read about her and her husband in the Straits Times in 2008. I always love sweet nothings between couples and this was yet another simple yet sweet love they shared.

So even though Valentines’ Day is over, besides sharing about her love story, I am also keen to share DrGL®, Dr. Georgia’s Lee’s own line of skincare. With a simple belief of achieving good skin and cutting down all the frills, she developed a range of custom products personally formulated for Asian skin types and climate. That’s me included! Yay!

This time, Cozycot has kindly offered me DrGL® Cleanser Lightening to try. I feel so honored as these products are hard to come by! I would say that as I have not seen any makeup counter is major departmental store carrying DrGL® products. Advertisement on these products are also rare. But fret not! Online purchase is possible through DrGL® homepage.

Before you rush into buying her products, get to know it better. I had a great opportunity to use it since the day I received it and I have only good comments for it.

A simple box is all it takes to keep the bottle of cleanser in it. It has a professional and clean look and the choice of dark green was unique. Green, the colour of nature, also represents tranquility and health. Green is also thought to relieve stress and help heal. I think these could be the messages Dr. Lee want to convey to her patients and users of her product.

The cleanser is easily dispensed as the bottle comes with a pump. How convenient! One or two pumps is all it takes to cleanse your face! Fuss-free and efficient, this cleanser can be used up to the very last drop. Sometimes, it could be really frustrating to squeeze out one’s cleanser from a tube or use a really shrunken bar of soap to cleanse one’s face.


I was surprised that the liquid dispensed was clear. Given Dr. Lee’s demanding approach towards her skincare and the use of top-of-the-range ingredients in the products such that the quality of the products will not be compromised at any stage of the development, achieving a clear liquid could only mean the delicate balance that has been achieved during the formulation of the cleanser to ensure it serves its purpose to clean, sans frills.


I put it to test and was really satisfied by what I saw after cleansing my face. There was only two words that resonated throughout my entire experience with DrGL® Cleanser Lightening: Simple. Clean.

On top of feeling rid of all the dust and dirt that has accumulated on my face the entire day, this product is also capable of repairing and protecting the skin against the damaging effects of the sun. Bonus! On the surface, the skin looks brighter and more even-toned while deep under, its defences are reinforced to face the next day! This is just great.

Although I am mostly seated in front of my computer, haven’t you heard that there are nasty UV rays indoors too? *I can hear some of you gasping now* You may wish to check out how nasty UV rays are, especially in Singapore over here.Here’s some information on the harmful effects and how harmful they are here right at home.

It’s better to be late than never. Other than the regular sunblock I have been slapping on, DrGL® is really a handy cleanser that helps to strengthen my skin’s resistance against the damage that the sun is capable of inflicting! Hurray!

An important active ingredient that is effective in protecting your skin from the sun is the exceptionally high concentration of stabilised Vitamin C, widely acknowledged to be one of the most effective weapons against photoaging. Not content with standard ingredients, the Vitamin C in this formula is the best grade available, cost notwithstanding. Its powerful antioxidant action is harnessed to repair skin at the deepest level and prevent future sun damage.

Boy! I really need this bad; especially when a beauty consultant has once pointed out that there are dark spots, also known as hyperpigmentation, forming on my cheeks since they are pretty high (that’s relative to the rest of my features). Heal your skin with DrGL®. Achieve that polished and smooth looking porcelain complexion. Dr. Lee did it, so can you! 😉

I’m on my way to achieving it! 😀



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