Visiting Taiwan . 28 Sep 2012. Day 0. Let’s fly to Taipei!

I tried to think of a fanciful name for this travel I had but after giving it much thought, I guess it is best to leave it simple so that you, who reads it may have room for imagination.

For those who know me well, Taiwan is my favourite country for travels.

For various reasons, it beats the rest that are much nearer and affordable.

1. The people are really nice. Like really nice. You may get lost of the streets and the locals will go all out to orientate you.

2. Language is not a problem. Hokkien, mandarin, broken english…

3. Places are really accessible by train, private cars, taxis and buses. The traffic is smooth and there’s hardly any ugly drivers on the road.

4. The food is comparable to the food in Singapore, albeit less hygienic (think roadside stalls). Nonetheless, I experience no discomfort after having the food in Taiwan as compared to some other countries which I have been to and have been strictly warned not to buy food from the roadside stalls. *gulp*

5. The Taiwanese observe rules (they really do queue to get onto their trains), love the environment (there is recycling bins everywhere and the people are not spoilt with a litter bin every 100 m) and most importantly…

6. The place is just beautiful. With nature right next to one’s hotel, 2 train stops or half an hour ride away, such convenience is a luxury to Singaporeans.

I fell in love with the place when Poh and I went Taipei for our wedding shoot in September 2010. It was really an unforgettable experience visiting the various scenic locations to have our photos taken , so we agreed that we will be back.

And we did!

It was really an impromptu decision and a coincidence that his friends of more than 15 years agreed to go on this trip together to celebrate their crossing over to the 30-year mark. Hurray!

Planning took place in May, then June came and went and we got busy in July but when August arrived, we began the countdown and finally it was the end of September and whee!! We shall go to Taiwan!

We had booked an overnight flight with Jetstar in hope to sleep on the flight as any other time of the day spent travelling will be much wasted. Wei Wei took a cab over and picked Poh and I up while ZM went ahead on his own. We reach the airport close to 11 pm and proceeded to check in… Only to realise… I did not buy enough luggage allowance!!!! AAH!!!

Now… Here’s a “Did you know?” moment.

A 15 kg extra worth of luggage purchased online (on top of  10 kg that was already given to you as part of the airfare you paid) cost $15 but 15 kg of  luggage purchased at the counter will be charged at $90! That’s $6/kg! And that means it is $5/kg more expensive!! It gets even cheaper if you were to buy more than 15 kg of baggage!

I had happily assumed our combined luggage would not be more than 40 kilograms but it had exceeded my expectations and came up to a total of 48 kg! I suggested that we could quickly, on the spot, purchase the baggage online again only to realise that we had to do that 24 hours before the check-in time. Therefore, it’s either we pay the fees imposed or throw the items in our luggage away or stuff them in our carry-on-board bags. After trying the last option for a while, we gave up and paid. Sigh! Please do take note to buy more baggage so as not to end up like me. Buy even more on your return trip so that you will not be restricted to buy and shop! 😉

Although we met this hiccup due to our oversight, our moods remained pretty high.  And as happy as we were because we were about to embark on the trip we had planned for months, we were rather sleepy and not very interactive by the time we boarded the plane. It was a Friday night that we flew. All of us had just finished work in the earlier part of the evening, rushed home to bath and did some last minute packing before heading to the airport. But it worked well for me! Once the plane took flight, my eyelids began feeling heavy and I went into slumberland.  Though sleep on board is not always continuous (as you might know, people tend to be a little tipsy unwillingly up in the air and knock into you, or a baby may experience discomfort and starts wailing in the wee hours), it was still better than no rest till we reach our first destination, Tao Yuan Airport at Taipei.

So… till then! I’ll continue the rest of my travels in upcoming posts! Stay tuned. 😀

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