Visiting Taiwan . 29 Sep 2012. Day 2. Cing Jing (清境) to HeHuanShan (合歡山) + Puli (埔里)

Here’s the much-anticipated gallery of photos of the view we had from our room! Seeing such a gorgeous view upon waking up really lifts one’s spirits and brightens one’s mood. The most appropriate chinese idiom to describe the feeling would have to be 心旷神怡. Even after 6 months since the holiday, I can still vividly remember … Continue reading

Visiting Taiwan . 29 Sep 2012. Day 2. Preview

NICE??!! This view totally blew me away. It was about 7 am in the morning when I felt the glare from the window. Squinting through my sleepy eyes, I was instantly jolted awake by this gorgeous sight. I exclaimed rather loudly, waking up ZM and Poh who was also taken aback by the beautiful scene. … Continue reading

Visiting Taiwan . 29 Sep 2012. Day 1. Part 2/2. Cing Jing (清境)

Welcome to our lovely minsu!!!     A pretty cool loft… We reached back to the minsu closed to 5 pm and the room was more than ready to welcome us. I was surprised that it was neatly divided into 2 storeys with the lower deck being the living hall and the upper deck as our … Continue reading

Visiting Taiwan . 29 Sep 2012. Day 1. Part 1/2. Cing Jing (清境)

*shake* *shake shake* … *shake shake shake shake!!!* I opened my eyes wide to see who have been shaking my neck pillow, only to see Poh giggling. We were up in the air for 4 hours plus. By the time the rest had woken up, Poh, bored (and I believed he was quite bewildered by how I … Continue reading