Visiting Taiwan . 29 Sep 2012. Day 1. Part 1/2. Cing Jing (清境)


*shake shake*

*shake shake shake shake!!!*

I opened my eyes wide to see who have been shaking my neck pillow, only to see Poh giggling. :/

We were up in the air for 4 hours plus. By the time the rest had woken up, Poh, bored (and I believed he was quite bewildered by how I can sleep so soundly in the air, in fact anywhere), shook my neck pillow in an attempt to wake me up before the plane lands. Grrr…

So after being unwillingly woken up, I closed my eyes back, tilted my head back and tried my best to catch a few winks before the plane landed. Shortly after, I felt the plane descending and then a thud was heard. My heart fluttered and I could not sleep anymore…


It was really empty at the airport. I guess it’s normal since it was hardly past six! Haha…

After we collected our luggage, we headed to get the bus tickets. To get to the minsu we have booked, Top Cloud Villa (雲頂渡假山莊) in Cing Jing (清境), we had to take bus #750 to the high-speed train station Tao Yuan (桃園) which is the nearest from the airport. Then, we would have to travel to Taichung (台中) and transfer to another bus to get to our minsu. Although it seemed like a pretty long distance to get to our home-stay, it was quite alright as most of the time spent on the road was in the early hours of the morning where most shops and tourist attractions were still closed! 😀

The last time Poh and I came Taipei for our wedding photo shoot, due to time constraint and it being our first time in the country, we decided to stick to touring Taipei. This time, we decided to head out of the capital to some other parts of Taiwan.

Why Cing Jing (清境) then?

Well, other than the fact that Taipei has impressed since my previous trip as mentioned in my previous post, before we started to prepare for this trip, I caught this variety show called <<食尚玩家>> featuring 黃靖倫 and 子余 and they were introducing this really pretty place named Cing Jing  (清境). So, we decided to include it into our itinerary!

Here you go, if you wanna watch it!

After purchasing the bus tickets, we headed for breakfast at a convenience store that was next to the row of bus-ticket vendors.

The soupy thing is bland. :/

This milk tea is really good. Yet ZM commented the bottle looked like hair conditioner.. :/

After settling our breakfast, we took off!

After arriving at Taichung, we checked the time the next bus was coming and realised we had a mere ten minutes to get to the bus stop and purchase our tickets before we would missed it! So, we rushed like crazy towards the bus bay to take the bus. The good thing was there were proper signage in English and Chinese so we went the right way. When we reached the bus bay, we were glad there was a queue waiting for the bus and the people in charge were nice to tell us to take our time as the bus won’t leave in few minutes. Phew!

Entrance 5 of the HSR (High Speed Rail) was where we took the bus to CingJing after alighting the train. Remember!

Soon, we were on our way to Cing Jing (清境)! 😀 

On this trip, I discovered yummy stuff. Other than the milk tea that was shown above, this onigiri (rice with filling) which was bought at the convenience store is simply yummy too! Be sure to get one of this with lobster salad filling! Yums…

Sorry ah… Lighting super lousy…

Travelling on the road takes about 1 hour 45 minutes plus a short stopover at Puli. By the time we got off the train, it was close to 11:00 a.m.! As the bus ascended the windy roads to the mountains, I began to pay attention to where to drop. There were stops that we don’t know of as they were not stated on the map nor on the web of the bus company. So, we asked and were told to drop at 民生果园.

We were a little lost until we spotted this entrance that was accompanied by a few signboards and we saw our home-stay’s name on it.

We began walking towards the direction of the pointing arrow and it was really quite a distance, especially treacherous with so much luggage!

Another family joined us…

Walking further in…

A furry little thing along the way…

Walking further in… again…

Group Shot

The view along the way was shrouded with clouds. 

As we were walking in, we were lucky to meet one of the ladies working at the minsu who happened to drive out in a cabby and she kindly offered to help us transport our luggage back to the minsu. Yay! Please remember to give your minsu a call  to check if they offer such services! 🙂

We helped to load our luggage onto the cabby and walked more at ease.

Lucky Poh took a ride on the cabby.

不要怀疑! Do not doubt yourself! The minsu is just up ahead!

The path we walked…

The path is along the edge of a steep slope and it is shared by both a road for the vehicles and  a walking path for travellers.

After the signboard, we trudged on for another 50 metres…

And the minsu came into sight!!! Finally!!!

Poh waving to us from the entrance of the minsu.

Nearing the entrance!

Here we are!

Front porch of the minsu

Stairs to Level 2

Carpark and extension of the minsu

The view beyond the balcony is blanketed by the whites.

The cosy reception area

Dining room under the reception

One of the 2 resident dogs

We were informed that our room was not ready so after we checked in and parked our luggage at one side of the main hall, we went out for lunch. Poh was munching on some of the honeydew pastries he bought earlier this morning and the dogs just want a bite!

Once the feeding starts, they followed us nearly all the way until Poh had no choice but to lead them back to the minsu where the owners then stopped them from wandering off and following us again. Lesson learnt: Do not feed the animals!!!

As we were pretty hungry, we settled for lunch at one of the eateries just next to the entrance of  民生果园.

The weather was still alright though it must have been under 20 degrees as it was pretty cooling. We ordered a few dished to share before we set off to explore the area.

Braised Pork Rice (鲁肉饭)

Rice in Bamboo (竹筒饭)

现烤杏鲍菇 (Grilled King Oyster Mushrooms)

Chicken Shredded Vermicelli (鸡丝面线)

You might notice that there is a packet of fruits next to the vermicelli. Poh and ZM had bought them from a fruit store next to the entrance and the lady has kindly offered to cut it up for us.

Fried Chicken Cutlet Rice (炸鸡扒饭)

After our simple yet filling lunch, we went up the stairs next to the eatery and saw this huge map of Cing Jing.

We are currently at the location marked by the red star, Cing Jing Farmland  Tourist Service Centre (清境农场旅客服务中心) and to get to Evergreen Grassland (青青草原), we could either take a bus or climb a 300-steps stairs also known as 步步高升to get there. Not wanting to wait for the bus, we decided to head for the stairs, only to regret it very much half-way up. :/ Haha!

The start (or end) of the stairs

Here we go…

Crossing the 100th step

Spot the Old England! (Clue: The one with a pointy top and close to the edge of the slope)

We had wanted to stay a night at that minsu as it had also appeared in the video above but it was simply too costly! In fact, it is the most expensive minsu of all.

Soon, we made it to the top and began walking towards the Evergreen Grassland. We had bought a package which included tickets as well as the bus tickets to Cing Jing so we entered the Evergreen Grassland with the complimentary tickets.

On our way, we passed by this hill with burrows and many rabbits!

Cute rabbits cuddling together!

Pausing along the way

We were told that the temperatures started dipping the day we arrived, thus the clouds were really immense and we could only catch a glimpse of what would be a really spectacular view of the valley.

If you had watched the video, you would have seen one of the host picking up the sheep’s poo. It was true that the place is quite littered with the poo as you can see in the picture below but I guess we were there at the right time when the smell is pretty masked. The weather was transiting to winter from autumn and there was so much wind the smell could not linger for long either.

Poh, totally memerized the amount of greenery, decided to sprint to the top of the hill with ZM to have their photos taken. It was a little impromptu and they looked ridiculously small here. Haha!


This was how they looked after I zoomed in on them. Haha!

The wind continued blowing and soon the place was really ghostly-looking. 

A windmill spotted! Pun intended. 😉

Only reaching this exit did we realised that we were in the compound where the sheep were reared and that the sheep have either gone for the sheep’s show or have returned to the indoors to be kept warm. Zzz..

After getting the stamp on our hands, we exited the place and proceeded to the Evergreen Grassland.

We then came across this honey shop that was mentioned in the show and the honey is really as good as it was being recommended. Not only does it not leave a uncomfortable feeling of saturated sweetness in your throat, the honey is just the right amount of smoothness and thickness. According to the person working at the store, the reason why there wasn’t any ants around the honey was because it is the real stuff. He then went on to burn the honey with a flame to prove that no additional sugar has been added and the honey is not processed. Pretty good stuff I think. Perhaps it may not have the healing properties of the manuka honey but as compared to the ones that are easily available at the supermarket, I know this is a keeper. Both WW and I then decided to lug 4 bottles back. After thinking about it, we decided to leave the bottles at the shop and collect them when we head back after watching the sheep show.

Poh imitating the honey bee

Getting our honey ready

I remembered the guy saying that the honey has to be kept in glass bottles but I can’t recall the reason. Hmmm…

Live bees just next to the honey shop

As we entered Evergreen Grassland, we overhead some girls exclaiming about the sheep show starting soon. We hastened but were stalled by an oncoming fleet of sheep that ran at such high speed, everyone in their path made way by hopping on the slopes next to it.

Sayonara Sheepie Sheep!

We then quickened our steps and we reached the arena just in time for the show.

The show was over in a while and the place was simply hoarded by so many people that we decided to leave before the show ended.

Along the way, there were sheep food pellets dispenser for any one to buy and feed the sheep.

Human, did you just called me meh-meh?

Also, to protect the sheep from some inconsiderate human, there were also signs to inform visitors of the rightful behaviour at the compound.

Just outside the Evergreen Grassland, there was this food place and we decided to head over for a short break after the tedious climb of slopes and stairs.

More mushrooms

Grilled wild pork

We also found the stall recommended in the show!

This is basically a pancake that is made of sweet potato and looked like a full moon.

More mushrooms again…

After our break, we went on to watch the horse show at another area.

After a while, Poh was simply not impressed with the show put up by the performers and we headed back to our minsu as it was about time the room is ready!

Spotted this humongous web on our way back the stairs

Stay tuned for the next part of Cing Jing (清境) where I will revealed the beautiful room and introduced the Swiss Garden!


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