Review: Audrey Christian – PUSH UP Breast, Neck & Tummy

What do you notice about these ladies in these pictures?

I hope you notice what I did: Other than their beautiful faces, their wrinkly and haggard necks was, unfortunately, the highlight in these photos.

It isn’t the best of sight and it is definitely not one part of your body which you want to people to notice, especially for the wrong reasons.

Most often than not, we neglect this interesting part of our body. We may have taken care of our face by following our skincare routine strictly, our skin by applying sun block religiously or even our hands and legs by dousing them with slabs of moisturizer but one part of our body we often overlook is our neck.

As we age, we may eventually notice the skin on our neck starting to thin and the neckline becoming less attractive. The skin slowly loses its firmness and elasticity and the strong heat in Singapore and frequent exposure to the sun not only worsens but also hastens the aging process and contributes to discoloration.  The skin, no longer plump with collagen, starts to sag and develop lines. The lines eventually deepen, darken and you might even notice the stubborn indention that refuse to straighten. Imagine you were already vexed by these unappealing changes, a double chin slowly develops which adds on to your woes. While this ageing process cannot be prevented, taking proper care of your skin on all parts of your body is important as that could help reduce and delay the thinning of the skin and hampering the rate at which it age.

Thinning skin of the neck happens slowly and unknowingly. It starts in one’s mid-twenties but one could postpone this onset by practicing proper skin care early in life.

1. Do not smoke.

2. Wear a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 when you may expose yourself to sun light.

3. Maintain and remediate the current condition of your neck with Audrey Christian Push Up for Breast, Neck and Tummy Cream.

I have been most fortunate to receive the invite to review this product and the golden opportunity to revive my undernourished and often neglected neck. I am guilty most of 3 things:

1. Not being disciplined to apply sunblock when I’m out in the sun, especially when I’m not at work and all I wish was to dress down and be a laid-back kid.

2. Not diligently applying my skin care at night. I have been told since young to not apply anything on my face at night only to realize that was nothing but a myth I have observed for two decades only to have my skin turn on me as they become ugly, dehydrated and craving for some TLC.

3. Not believing in what was essential: Moisture. Working in an air-conditioned environment and immersed in work, I had, too often, wanted to apply some moisturizer or drink more water to hydrate myself but let that opportunity to do so slip when I was distracted with an incoming email or an urgent task that required immediate attention.

As a result of an accumulative lack of care, this is how my neck looked like before I used the product:

If you notice, these lines are evidence of my late nights, improper care for my thinning skin around my neck and simply give other an overestimate of my age. I may have used the best make up product I could afford or even buy the nicest of clothes so that I look up-to-date, young and fashionable but an old-looking neck reveals that I am none of that but instead an old sow. It definitely does not look appealing at all and to think I was not even aware of it, nor was I giving it any care. In fact, the more I look at them, the more depressing it was to realize how slow I was to notice these lines which had make their way to my neck after I realize how deep-set they are becoming.

I began to use the cream as suggested: Apply it once every night in an upward motion towards the neck and sternum (the T-shaped bone that is located just below your throat and holds the rib cage together). As I wanted to make sure I do an unbiased review, I apply it the way I would for other products that I buy on my own and that is: I make a mental point to apply it every night after bath but in the case I forget, I will let it be. The results may not be fantastic but naturally we would also want to know whether a product works if it is just apply regularly, and not every day as though it was a strict diet or a bout of medication.

The results: Impressive.

Here are some photos for you to see:

In just 2 weeks, the results are stunning. I receive the product on the 9th of April and began using it the same day. The pictures used in the ‘After’ shots were taken on the 20th April after I attended my friends’ wedding. As the differences may be slight to the laymen’s eyes (it was too obvious to me as I am subjecting myself to my own scrutiny), I’ve drawn arrows to point out the improvements.

I am an official believer that there is indeed no women in the world that is ugly if all they do were to take a bit more effort in taking care of themselves. My slight diligence paid off! Imagine the gorgeous skin that could be mine if I had maintained the discipline I had when I set out in the application of the cream.

You can do it too. And what’s more, you have a delightful incentive to achieve the smooth neckline you want.: Stand to win a 3-carat rubellite and diamond pendant necklace from international jeweler Mouawad worth $3000! Click here to find out more!

Even though it is a pity I don’t qualify for the competition as it is strictly for those aged 30 and above, please join me in creating a beautiful neck! Even better, accompany that new-found neckline with the beautifully designed necklace if you are 30 and above!

The competition starts on 1st April and will end on the 30th June. Hurry and avoid disappointment! Even better, enjoy a discount off the product now! Quick, follow the link, take part in the competition and show off what you got with Audrey Christian Push Up Cream for Breast, Neck and Tummy.

Enjoy the product as much I am, still! 😉

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