Visiting Taiwan . 30 Sep 2012. Day 3. Part 2/3 Stairway to Heaven (天梯)

The picture is just a decoy. :p

Please do not be tricked into believing I’m posting a review for a Korean drama, especially since there is such a namesake. In this post, I am, however, writing about the later part of our third day in Taichung after our visit to Sun Moon Lake (SML). If you haven’t seen the beautiful lake, you may want to read about it here. 😉

On our way back on the cable car from the Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village, our driver called us to remind us to be quickly on our way back to the ferry terminal. If we were any later, we might not be able to walk on the bridge we had planned as the skies turned dark pretty early and the clouds could easily become thick, making it hard for one to see the road ahead.

Spanning 136 metres across the valley between two mountains, it has a total of 208 steps and took us a good 45 minutes to get to the bridge from the entrance gates. I have read about it from blogs of the local and apparently, it is a must-visit site for locals who are in the area. As such, we decided to include it in our itinerary, especially since Poh and I are both fans of the nature and we were not far from it. Another reason that draws us to this attraction was that not many non-locals knew about it. This also made the attraction a less busy place to visit where we will have absolutely no chance of meeting more mainland tourists than what we already had met at SML. Honestly, we were pretty turned off by the overwhelming and a little unruly and noisy crowd. Find out more about the bridge here.

We set off from SML and after travelling on the car for about 40 minutes, we reached the first checkpoint and that was the ticket office. According to our driver, this place was initially free for the public and all were allowed to enter. However, as it got more and more publicity online and offline, a ticket office was set in place to collect funds for the maintenance of the bridges as well as the route down to the bridge. It costs 50NT (about SGD 2.50) so we wasn’t bothered by price of the entrance tickets. After we paid,we began the journey to the bridge. As it was downhill initially, we presumed it was just an easy trail. We just had no idea what awaits us. :\

On our way, a friend of the driver joined us in the car and treated us to this snack which is actually tapioca that is overly sweetened and cooked to a near-mash. Even as a person with sweet tooth, this snack proves to be too gelat for me. We took a few bites and left the rest uneaten. 😐

Reaching the entrance was just a tiny step in reaching the bridge. 

The map

Let’s go!

Sights along the way

Down, down, down we go…

Taking big strides forward!

A green thing we crossed path with…

Spotted a shelter!

Moving forward…

Strike a pose!

Photobombed by Poh…


More stairs…

Caught sight of the bridge!

A clearer view of the bridge


We are nearing! We are nearing!


Making our way to the other side in hope to cross the valley and catch sight of the other valley at the other end.
Spot Poh and ZM!

Nearing the end of the bridge…

We made it!

Unfortunately, at the end of the bridge, there was a security guard and he prevented us from going forward as he said the cut-off time for anyone to go beyond him was 3 pm and we missed it by 3 minutes!!! Grrr… It was, however, purely for the sake of safety as there are no street lamps in the forested area beyond him and as you can see in the pictures, the weather was not fantastic, albeit cool. It could get dark fast, especially since we are at quite high an altitude and we might lose our way in the area. It was a wet blanket for us but at least we made it all the way to where we intended to go! 🙂

To find out what lies behind this point, click here or here.

Time to make our way back…

The clouds are creeping in…

The distance we descended to get to the bridge…

Bye Bridge, Bye!

It was getting foggy by the time we were leaving…

A site that was in wreck because of a previous earthquake.

This face of the cliff has a story behind it. It’s also known as the stone clock. The time on it was 1:47 pm, the time which the 912 earthquake took place in Taiwan. To find out more, read here. Personally, I find it possible that it could be the nature at work, to constantly remind human that mother nature has a way to right things or it was just a pure coincidence. Either way, I think the face is a little too eroded to be indicating the time it used to.

We then began making our way back to where we came from and we were really deadbeat!

To make things worst, it was all uphill slopes!!!

The last league (divided by 50)… 加油!

Yes, I was super tired but nonetheless, the placards bearing the distance to the top got me motivated to continue heading back and all I did was to focus on taking each and every one I saw on the way back and unknowingly, I was a mere 50 metres away from the start. Even the other patrons who were on their way downhill were really encouraging and constantly offer a word of “Don’t give up!” or ” Continue on, you are not too far from the start!”. I really enjoyed myself, albeit the fatigue at the end of the whole journey.

We treated ourselves to a local jelly called aiyu and had 2 bowls of noodles to share at the makeshift eatery next to the entrance and rested for at least a good 15 minutes, catching our breath and waiting for our driver who had also took the stroll to the bridge to return.

As unappealing as these dishes may seemed, they were really quite delicious, especially when you are closed to being thoroughly exhausted. If you know what I mean. ;P 

After our simple meal, we boarded the car and went for our sumptuous dinner at one of the restaurants in Cingjing that was very famous online. Stay tuned to find out the name of the restaurant! 😀


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