I will finish what I started!

I drafted this post 3 weeks ago but I just got super laid back and decided to push back the date of continuing this post til now. Just want to side track a little, the PSI is now 290!!! (x_x)

Last month, I was still full of enthusiasm as I uploaded photographs of my Taiwan trip last year and today, I have not even got started on the 4th day of our trip!!! I really wished I had more than 24 hours a day to complete what I needed to finish. I guess time is never enough for anyone, huh?

I was not really idling either. After realising that Scoot was on sale, I hastened to check out the price that Jetstar had as compared to Scoot and called them for a price beat. They did! Woohoo!!! Now, I’m absolutely looking forward to my upcoming dose of antidote for the undying wanderlust in September! Dear dear Poh has also kindly decided to book us a cruise to Penang/Phuket since the last time we went on one was perhaps 8 – 9  years ago. That was almost a decade! *Holidays…holidays…*

So after the tickets were bought and the dates were set, I began researching on places we wanted to visit and started planning my itinerary. I’m also really excited someone else could most probably be joining us on the upcoming trip! Thinking about it really sets me giggling… I have not even been on a trip with this beloved person, lest the other half who would also most probably join us! I am SO so SO looking forward to travelling together and definitely not wanting to be disappointed! *crossing fingers*

So far, we have set our sights on some places we were really keen to visit. These are also places we could not visit during our previous trip due to the disruptions caused by the typhoon that swept across Taiwan. My brother had also a close shave with the recent earthquake that shook Nantou, Taiwan too. He was, however, enjoying himself at a karaoke session when that happened! Phew…

So, here’s a teaser for what’s coming your way:

Day 4: The Journey to our Minsu at Shi Zhuo (石槕)

Day 5: Getting up close and personal with the Nature

Day 6: Back to the City

Day 7: Escape from the City

Day 8: Grasping the very last minutes spent in Taiwan

Til the next post is up, please take care of your health, wear a mask, drink plenty of water and stay indoors!!!

Good night. 🙂


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