Visiting Taiwan . 30 Sep 2012. Day 3. Part 3/3 CingJing Lumama Restaurant (清境鲁妈妈雲南擺夷料理)

Yay! The bandwidth resets!

It’s back to blogging about my super-duper-missed Taiwan and the trip we made last September. Talking about it makes me excited as we are nearing the date which we head back to the very place we miss! 😀

After a long day of scaling mountains under the hot sun, a sumptuous dinner ensued!

I knew about this restaurant when it was introduced in the TV programme show called 食尚玩家之 <<在地人說 不用出國花大錢 來清境就像去歐洲>>. It was dated 20 October 2010 on YouTube but was only shown on local television a few weeks before our trip to Taiwan in 2012.

After catching the show, I made a mental note to visit the place. On our way back from the Stairway to Heavens, we pondered over what to have for our dinner and our driver made a suggestion to visit this very same restaurant that was featured. According to him, the food served is really good and it was very popular among netizens. We then quickly agreed and was whizzed off to the makan place.

The journey from the stairway to heaven back to just Cing Jing took us close to one and a half hour and to make things slightly worst, the driver had to stop halfway uphill to change the vehicle we were in. We had only booked his driving/tour guide services for 8 hours and since we started around 9, he was supposed to end work around 5 pm. However, seeing that we were closed to being deadbeat after an adventurous afternoon, he decided to drive us to the restaurant out of his goodwill. Alas, his goodwill backfired when his boss called him up and wanted the vehicle back for another couple who had called to travel downhill. He was then caught in between! He stopped halfway, got off the vehicle and had a rather long conversation. All we could make out of his teleconversation were the umpteen times of ‘sorry’ he said. Feeling really bad about him getting chided by his boss, we decided to top up the fees we had paid and requested for him to fetch us to and fro the restaurant. He told his boss about our suggestion and luckily, his boss mellowed out and agreed. Back to being his chirpy self, he then hopped back onto the vehicle and continued travelling uphill with us.

After another 10 minutes, we arrived at the much-heard about restaurant. By then, the temperature had dropped and the place was misty. We hurried into the restaurant, not wanting to catch a chill, especially when we had just finished climbing some hills and weren’t exactly dressed for the cold.

At such a high altitude, it’s rather surprising to see this eating place so packed. 

After browsing the menu briefly, we made our orders and as we were nearing the end of the dinner crowd, the dishes were served rather quickly.

Fresh crisp vegetables

Yummy fish with fillings

The infamous yet tasty crispy worms (It’s one of my favourite dish, really!)


A pot of hot soup to warm our bellies

Roasted wild fowl

All in all, we had a really filling dinner and we are definitely pleased enough to let everyone know that this is really a worthy place to visit and have a meal if you are in the vicinity! 😀

Happy Us! 

(Just look at how contrasting our dressing is: Wei wei is totally good for the cold but I’m shaking as I stood still for the shot!)

Here’s another shot of us with flash. 

After our dinner, our driver drove us back to our minsu to rest for the night. Here’s a shot of us with our driver, 石师傅.

You may wish to specify for him if you are staying with Top Cloud Villa and wants to go for a private day tour.

For those of you who wish to know more about this restaurant, here is the website of the restaurant:

We are travelling to Alishan!!! *sings “阿里山的姑娘美如水啊, 阿里山的少年壮如上啊”*

Stay tuned for Day 4! Have a pleasant weekend! 😀

Our minsu is really very picturesque.. Here’s another shot!


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