Review: Summer’s Eve Feminine Wash & Intimate Care

Many a times, we spend long hour seated. Be it zapping from places to places running errands for the family or work or getting really comfy in office chair due to the never-ending deadlines or stuck in your seat through a long meeting. Postures aside, most of the times we neglect a very important part of our body. When we sit for extended hours, the last thing that pops into our head is “What’s going on down there?” In fact, that should also be the last thing we worry about, given the many tasks, chores or even appointments we need to attend to. Therefore, it is definitely important to provide the utmost care for the most intimate area of our body before problems arise. After all, feminine odor and itching can be inconvenient distractions at best and a source of severe discomfort and embarrassment at worst.

Summer’s Eve – the #1 Feminine Care Expert in the USA has been developing feminine care products for over 40 years and besides extensively testing each and every of the product to ensure that they are mild enough for all types of skin, strict supervision by gynecologists and dermatologists also ensure that these products which have been trial tested by over 100 women have cleared the benchmarks before reaching the hands of everyday consumers like us.

As a working adult, I’m always kept busy and the last thing I do want is to even face the possibility of encountering any unpleasant situations that would really add on any unnecessary stress to me in meeting the demands of my daily schedule. I was very pleased to be invited on board the panel to try the products put together by the Summer’s Eve. They have also gone through the trouble to ensure that the products are packaged in a neat and shimmering carrier. Thanks for paying attention to such minute yet appreciative details.

Here are some of what they have to offer:

Summer’s Eve Feminine Wash (Normal Skin)

Unlike ordinary soaps that may have pH that are either too high or low and could cause irritation due to unsuitability, Summer’s Eve Feminine Wash is formulated to match the pH of the external skin of our intimate area and includes moisturizer to protect and restore our skin’s natural moisture. Included in the list of ingredients is Lamesoft®, an ultra-mild lipid layer enhancer that also helps replenish the skin’s natural moisture and prevents dryness that could lead to itching or irritation. Here’s how the product itself appear. The fluid is not very viscous and has a clear texture. Upon adding some water and lathering, the 5-cent blob quickly spreads across the palm and it suffices for one good wash. There isn’t a lot of foam, which is good, as that suggests that not a lot of foam-producing substance has been added. The pleasant fragrance that instantly filled the area is identifiable and really apt for the name “Delicate Blossom”. I must say it is a unique name, especially when most products will simply use flowers or similarly scented items to name the fragrance.

For ladies with sensitive skin, Summer’s Eve has also kindly provided a handy bottle of the feminine wash that has been formulated just for you.

Also in the parcel are the following:

Summer’s Eve Feminine Deodorant Spray

Initially, I thought this was for the underarms but upon close scrutiny, I realized this deodorant spray can be used daily on the intimate area, undergarments as well as pantyhose and sanitary pads! Its hypo-allergic, cornstarch-based formula absorbs moisture that may lead to chaffing and does it 25 times more effectively than talc. This will definitely come in handy after a session of sports or a long day outdoors.

Summer’s Eve Feminine Cleansing Wipes

Conveniently packed in sachets that could be discretely slotted into your purse as you hit the road, these wipes are indeed handy to keep oneself fresh anytime, anywhere. Formulated with Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and a unique ingredient Neutresse® which recognizes and eliminates bad odor bacteria, give your skin some TLC when you visit the washroom and even better, they are flushable! Kudos to the hassle-free use!

Summer’s Eve Feminine Cleansing Mist

This is a pretty compact bottle that could be kept easily in one’s working bag, especially when you ran out of wipes or prefer a slightly damper toilet tissue. A quick spritz of this serves the same purpose as the wipes and is just as convenient.

I am really glad to receive this thoughtful package and the array of products has certainly come in handy at different times and helped me meet my daily targets while keeping unnecessary discomfort at bay. These products are also especially useful for mummies and teenagers entering adulthood! Thanks to summer’s eve, I’ll probably not have to worry about what’s going on “down there” too often!

Join me and keep yourself dry and cool throughout the day! 😉

Summer’s Eve is available at Watson’s, Guardian and all leading pharmacies, clinics, cosmetics houses and departmental stores. Like them on Facebook and for more information, visit or email


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