Back in the Sunny Garden City!

After spending 9 days winding down in Taiwan, I’m back!

It was a fruitful and well-spent week with lots of travelling, sight-seeing, exploring and having fun with friends! 

Looking back, I’m already suffering from post-holidays blues on my last day in Taiwan and to make things worst, I’m also down with a cold that seemed to be spinning our of control into a full blown flu. *cough cough*

Things went pretty well during the trip except our stay at Kaoshiung. Due to the incoming typhoon Usagi, we missed the chance of going to the Doraemon 100th Anniversary Exhibition and did not even catch a glimpse of the famous Yellow Rubber Duck that was anchored at the Glory Pier. They deflated it the day before the typhoon hits, which is also the day which we arrived, so that it will not be subjected to the torrential rains and wind the typhoon may bring. *sobs*

Nonetheless, we had a superb time indulging in some outdoor activites in the sun and getting wet at the sea before the typhoon hits Kenting! (We were pretty burnt though… :p)

That’s all for a quick update! 

Til the next post! Good night. 🙂



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