Review: Scholl Compression Stockings

Stressing over tired legs in the morning, even after a good night’s sleep? Worry no more with Scholl Compression Stockings!

Ideal for relieving tired, aching and swollen legs, the Japanese No. 1 Compression Hosiery is designed based on medical science for sleeping while achieving toned and slimmer looking legs.

I hereby present to you the Scholl Compression Stockings.

Kindly sponsored by Cozycot, this pair of thigh-high design of the Scholl Compression Stockings provides supports and compression therapy for the leg. With the pressure levels set in accordance with the UK’s pressure standards, this pair of stockings is ideal for providing compressions at low levels yet working its way to shape one’s legs.

Waking up to wearing this pair of stocking is really comfortable. Unlike normal socks that may trapped heat, the Scholl Compression Stockings is made of cotton to provide comfort throughout your sleep till the early morning.

Here’s a closer look at how breathable the pair of stockings is.

Closely knitted for durability yet providing sufficient breathable spaces between knits to allow for heat dissipation.

This pair of stockings also achieved a fine balance between providing user with enough elasticity to put on the stockings and yet ensuring the stockings continue to achieve the effects it was designed to.

Though meant to be tight, the band at one end ensures the stockings glides gently along one’s legs, adhering closely to one’s skin so that the stockings may apply pressure onto one’s aching legs.

The hard knit and soft knit at the ankle and knee area respectively allows one’s legs to bend without feeling restriction around the joints of the legs.

And to make it even better at losing the unnecessary heat trapped, this pair of stocking has a open toe design that allows your toes to breathe!

All in all, it does sooth my aching gams little and this little effort will definitely go a long way in reducing the unsightly veins from premature appearance!

Wearing it is also no mean feat. Simply follow the steps below and in no more than 5 minutes, the stockings are worn!

1. Gather the socks and put your feet through the opening.

2. Centre your heels in the heel pocket (as seen in the pictures above).

3. Bring the rest of the stockings from your heels upwards, adjusting at the knee area and ensuring the soft stich lies on one’s knees.

4. Roll the remaining of the stockings up one’s legs.


As compression stockings are usually tighter to provide the necessary pressure to one’s legs, Cozycot has kindly allowed me to pick up an L size pair which is meant for ladies between the height of 155- 165 cm. Those who are more petite, you may opt for an M size pair.

A word of caution: Make sure your have no rings on when you remove or put on your compression stockings so that you will not accidentally cause the stockings to fray.

Pick up your own pair of Scholl Compression Stockings and let it help you relaxes and beautify your gams while you sleep through the night. Good night and sweet dreams! *quickly puts on Scholl Compression Stockings before snuggling into bed*


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