Visiting Taiwan . 1 Oct 2012. Day 4. Part 2/2 Reaching 渊明居

Introducing to you…


Clean Sheets!

The toilet seat is warm, comes with a bidet and spot the rain shower plus anti-slip mat!


The rooms don’t look exceptionally posh nor does it resemble any 5-star accommodation but this is definitely the best home stay experience we had.  We were humbled not just by the warm welcome by Papa and Mama Liu to stay in the place they call home, we also felt extremely at home.

Bromance… in pink slippers…

Taking pictures with random ornaments around the compound… LOL.


Surrounding the minsu are boundless shrubs of tea leaves, punctured with houses or workshops that processes tea-leaves. One could really smell tea all around.

Dining Area 1

Dining Area 2 (That’s Papa Liu sorting out his mail.)

A map of Alishan

As we went Alishan in late autumn last year, the sun sets early and the place looked pretty gloomy although it was barely 5 pm! The higher altitude also meant the place got misty quite easily as the temperature dipped. Not wanting to “waste” the night by cooping ourselves in the room, we took a stroll around the tea fields.

A gigantic home-grown cabbage that’s more than 4 times bigger than our faces! 

Meet Cullocks!  

Here, in the hills, the dogs run free. There’s plenty of dogs and each of them has a home to go back to. There’s no restriction to where they can or cannot go. If it goes missing in the day, Papa Liu is not worried. He said, the dog loves exploring. Despite it following us to the hills and eventually wandering off on its own after we made out way back, Papa Liu trusts this dolly eyed thing to return home when the sun sets.  Love the carefree life here. This is definitely the feeling I would miss. 🙂

Papa Liu takes the business of running minsu very seriously. Besides converting his home to a partial minsu, he had been to other minsu in other parts of the country as well as other countries so that he could make continuous improvement to his minsu. The one you see being constructed is a new block of minsu he sets out to complete so as to provide a more tourists with an exclusive stay in the hills, waking up to the fragrance of the tea leaves. He was still laying the foundation when we were there. We hope to return some day to see his 2nd minsu and enjoy the Liu’s family’s warmth in that lovely place.

The road home… Home to us for the next 2 nights.


Reaching back… 

When we reached back, we were greeted by delicious dinner smells. Dinner was almost ready!

Stir fried chicken in ginger and sesame oil & stir-fried home-grown bamboo shoots.

Soup Base for Steamboat… Perfect for the cold weather in the hills.

White rice mixed with sweet potato

Makan time!

渊明居is the most authentic homestay we have stayed in so far. It was interesting as it provided brief insight on how the locals stay, the environment which they call home and the food they eat. I like this place for how it’s not lavishly furnished but sufficiently equipped to make sure the travellers felt at home and comfortable for the days they stayed here. Argh… This blogging thing is making me want to go back there now. :/ Haha…

I’ll be posting on our crazily early start the following day to catch the one heavenly entity that rise from the East. Ha!

Til then. 🙂


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