Visiting Taiwan . 2 Oct 2012. Day 5. Part 1/3 Catching the sunrise

Man… This is arduous.

Waking up at 4 am is no joke. Poh has opted out of this activity as sleep seemed a better option. I struggled but decided to go for it in the end.  Since I can hardly remember if I had ever did such a crazy thing in any of my previous trips, I reckon it would be good to have a once in a lifetime experience.

Gearing up for the cold morning weather, ZM, Wei Wei and I set off to search for the spot to park ourselves so that we could catch the much-anticipated sunrise.

The sunrise in Alishan is quite well-known, especially the one from the top of the mountains. I am not really a fan of squeezing with crowds, especially since we were too “fortunate” to have our holiday coincide with the mainlanders’ one-week holiday, also known as the “Golden Week” (黄金周). With that in mind, we settled for the sunrise that we heard ain’t too bad as well from a hill behind the minsu.

As we walked, the breeze that brushed our faces were cooling and I was reminded of the days I spent waking up for Primary school, except this was much earlier.

ZM and Wei Wei had found out from Papa Liu the time of the sun rise and also a rough idea of how to get to the place. However, as the sun was not up, the surrounding was still misty and we almost could not find the place to catch the sunrise. We even went around the tea bushes several times before finding the spot.

There is a trail that one can follow …

We went a few loops round the trail but could not figure out where the spot to catch the sunrise might be. Just then, we caught glimpse of sun rays and at the same time, we spotted company! Another family staying at the minsu also woke up early for the sunrise, so we went over and joined them.

From where I stood, one could see the amazing change in the surrounding. It was quite magical to see the gradual change of green in the plants surrounding us as the sun rose. Before the sun rise, they were a dull, deep green. Shrouded by mist, the plants looked like they were hardly alive. As the sun rose, the plants gained back the richness and vibrancy in their leaves and eventually sported a vibrant pine green. Coupled with the dew that formed on the leaves, the plants glowed and sparkled. The early hours were, afterall, well-spent. 🙂

Hello there, Sun!

Soon, it became impossibly bright for us to take pictures of the sun anymore, and we began lumbering back to the minsu to have our breakfast. The grogginess from the lack of sleep took effect… LOL.

By then, the tea leaves are already basking in sunlight,  turning all golden.

There goes the moon…

Since the sun is finally out, I went around the compound once again to take a look at the environment, a view that we missed as visibility was quite poor the day before.

The breath of fresh air and the picturesque view of the tea plantation set against the mountains is refreshingly awakening. 

The whole place looks way livelier with the sun around. 

With that, we have come to the end of the post on part one of Day 5! Haha…

The next post will feature the famous Alishan (阿里山) and I shall end this post with a picture of Cullocks and his friend basking in the sun! 🙂

Even man’s best friends love sunbathing!

Til the next post! 🙂 

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