Life is a bed of roses. Thorns included. ;)

Not trying to sound bigger than I am but I do view life as a very interesting vehicle.

It depends on how you steer this vehicle and the route you intend to travel. Every decision you made will lead to a different outcome, perhaps even destination in different phases of one’s life. The ultimate destination for everyone would eventually be death, or some may believe in life after death. Nevertheless, there are a million and one ways too, to reach this goal. 

I don’t have much mood to write a lengthy piece but as disjoint as it may seemed, I just want to express gratitude to have a life that is such a sweet bed of roses, with thorns of course.

It is filled with so much warmth, happiness, pretty stuff for me to look at, to feel contented about and I believe there will be plenty more to come that I can count my blessings for. I have also felt beaten, down and pretty flattened on some days but surely, there can’t be ups without the downs.

Being alive is good.

Any incoherence in this post is totally unintended but unavoidable. Til the next post. 😉 



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