Hello 2014!

Happy New Year Everyone! Hope everyone had a great 2013!

Personally, I always believe in improving myself though I seldom have much success in that. Ha!

Nonetheless, it is always good to always look inwards and reflect on what I could have done better in the coming year as compared to the past year and for this post, I drew some inspiration from James Clear to write an annual review of the passing year!

In our daily lives, we are often caught in a rut, running the rat’s race to catch up with what everyone has and wants and in the end, we often lost sight of what we want and need. Through my simple reflection and posting on the annual review, I do not hope to catch anyone’s attention with my terrible flaws but more to aim towards not committing them in the upcoming year. So, here goes.

1. What went well this year?

Here are a couple of things that went pretty nicely this year:

First, I stuck to a challenging job for a year. Woohoo! *Gives myself a pat on the back* Challenging being it truly new to me and the amount of in-jobs is endless! Gasp! The only motivation for me to keeping moving and striving to do better is, of course, of the people who had been there to lend a helping hand, a supportive shoulder, a listening ear e.t.c. when things got tough. And as the saying goes, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going! Without a sweet team of nice people (not the kind that acts nice just to get something out from you), it would be really hard to survive, least stayed on. I’m glad you guys had my back! Thank you! *muaks*

Second, I took up The Right Approach, coupled with ageLOC R2 to take care of my health and that was really an amazing approach I could not rave enough about. It is not just about being skinny but taking on a whole new perspective about living a healthy lifestyle, cultivating good eating habits which include 3 meals a day, loaded with ample fruits and vegetables. It’s also about reversing aging and preventing the onset of premature degradation of one’s cells by providing sufficient nutrients to one’s body. The benefits are boundless. The first is definitely me recovering from my ever-dipping energy level. I’m glad I don’t feel extremely fatigue at any other time of the day except bed time. The other improvement I’ve seen since starting ageLOC R2 is my sleep is regulated and I’m able to get up without being groggy. That’s something I’m also grateful for. Under this program, together with the prescribed medication from my doctor, my hyperthyroidism has also stabilised. The doctor was also slightly puzzled why the medication which I took did not cause me to put on weight, unlike what it does to most patients. Thus, I’m really thankful to get to know this program and benefit much from it. There is a limit to how much food we can eat a day so this program has also encouraged me to adopt a habit of packing my diet with multivitamins that is exactly what my body requires. It’s all working well so far and I’m only keen to share if you wish to know more, drop me a comment with your email and I’ll reply to you in a jiffy!

Third, I’m really glad that everyone I love are healthy (or are healthier or in their best of shape), living the time of their lives, being able to pursue what they love, achieving what they have set out to! One of my bestie got married and the other will tie the knot next year. A few other friend also got hitched. One snag a job he wants, the other found her home while many others are also near to their dreams. When I hear that the ones I love get what they want and need, I’m definitely happy for them and wish that they would get all that they deserve to have. On another note, I’m also thankful for all the support that people who love me have always given me and being around to offer that push, a little reminder, nagging e.t.c. which is much-needed for me to get moving again when I fall to the lowest. I’ve also met an angel who tries her best to be there for me whenever possible. Without her, I would have been ousted and drown in my negativity. Thank you for being in my life. I’m also super blessed to have a loving family and husband that stuck by me through thick and thin. It can be really painful, at times, to agree to one another’s opinion but it would be too painful not to be with each other. I can’t be anymore grateful to have these very important people in my lives, keeping me grounded, offering me second opinions and helping me to see practical perspectives that I may often miss sight of. 谢谢!

Fourth, I went to my favourite country, Taiwan, yet again! This time, even better, we made friends on the trip with a friendly Chinese couple and met bestie with her fiancé on the later part of the trip before their marriage in 2013 too! It was also the first time we went on a trip together so it was as exciting as it was unnerving. Luckily, the trip turned out pleasant! She even went on to describe my other half as someone pleasant to travel with and provides good direction. Lol… I take that as a compliment. 😉
We also went on a cruise to Phuket! Though we did not visit the famous Patong Beach, we did went island-hopping on canoe and it was quite an experience. Looking forward to more travelling and sightseeing with Poh. 🙂

Fifth, we began growing melons at home again this year! There were ups: A good harvest with the first batch plus we’ve gone fully soiless! Yay to no more dirty and soiled balconies! The downs: One system let us down and a whole batch of maturing plants died, some plants didn’t survive the year-end weather and the dreadful fungi is infesting some of the remaining plants. Totally looking forward to more experiences with the cantaloupes and the bees! Yes.. they visit. 🙂

2. What didn’t go so well this year?

I am too, too, too forgetful. This has caused much inconvenience to myself and the people around me.

I need to stop procrastinating. Is this a common problem? :S

Lack of drive. There is so much that I want to achieve with the 24 hours in a day and the heart to want to push myself hard is undeniably there. However, there is also undoubtedly the fear of me disrupting the recovery of my hyperthyroidism with every eagerness to meet expectations. I have to be really careful and strike that delicate balance between being beyond my best and giving what I can afford.  This would take time but I’m sure it would be achievable eventually. 🙂

Blogging. I have only clocked 25 posts in this year! That’s an average of 2 posts a month? I’ve a backlog of activities I’ve yet to update. 😦

Health. Even though my hyperthyroidism has stabilised, I look forward to the day I can be discharged. 🙂

3. What am I working toward?

This is pretty huge to think about, considering I’m have a phobia of committing to any one task. Nonetheless, to a better me, here are some that I’m considering:

A biweekly blog post

A healthier body: Keep up with my running regime during the weekend and insert one workout during the weekday.

A less than 10 items backlog a day at work, with every good intentions to clear anything I could finish on the day with the time I have on hand, unless it’s necessary to be left til the next day.

A healthy bank account! In 2014, I foresee myself going for 2 trips again so it’s definitely not too early to start saving for that and of course, to ensure there can be sufficient in times of need. 🙂

A heart to empathize with  my dearest so that I don’t take him for granted and put him through unnecessary stress. 😦

A positive attitude no matter the problem I encounter so that I can persevere in the things that I want to do and bring about the change in my life that I seek. 🙂

That pretty much sums up my 2013 and what I would like to work towards. 🙂

With that, I wish everyone a prosperous 2014, in every ways! Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy the lovely shots of the fireworks I’ve captured post countdown! Good night and til the next post! 😀

One Response to “Hello 2014!”
  1. mike says:

    hi. can share more about ageLoc R2 and your hyperthroidism?

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