Visiting Taiwan . 3 Oct 2012. Day 6. Back in Taipei

After spending 2 days at the Alishan area, we headed back to the Taipei. Of course, not without saying good-bye to the cute granddaughter of Papa Liu.

She’s this cutie doll that runs away, hiding behind grandpa or grandma whenever we tried to initiate conversation. Behind her is her newborn brother.

Papa Liu dropped us at Chiayi Train Station and we took the next available high-speed train back to Taipei. We had booked 2 rooms with Cityinn Taipei Station Branch I. While it looked really hippy, it sure did felt that way when we arrived.

Tucked really near the Taipei Station, it wasn’t a good idea to book the place, especially when you have large luggage because:

1. While it is very near to the station and one could simple walk over, the roads aren’t really designed to accommodate luggage. With tiles misaligned and some rising and other sinking, the wheel of the luggage are often stuck and one would have to tug and heave the luggage too often in that short distance to the inn.

2. The 4 of us hitch a cab but we had to bear with the uncle’s lengthy grumble albeit the short drive because he felt that the distance we required him to drive was too short to justify his waiting time in the queue.

Sigh… perhaps we would consider another place to stay OR carry backpacks. :/

Here’s a peek at the rooms:

This was the first room that we got. It sported Andy Warhol’s art and it looked pretty cosy. Unfortunately, there was no windows and I felt super claustrophobic hence we requested for a change. Luckily, someone is checking out of one of the 2 rooms with windows on the floor and we took over that room instead. In our haste, I did not even remember to take a picture of the new room. Gah…

Anyway, be sure to ask for room 501 and 502 if you want rooms with windows. 🙂

After laying down our luggage and ensuring we’ve got wi-fi, Poh got down to settle some of his work while I went about to explore the neighbourhood.

Even though it was not my first time in Taipei, this is definitely a new area for me to explore.

As I was walking along the shops that lined the building that the inn was a part of, the smell coming from this particular stall that sold baked buns stopped me in my tracks. It was simply too good that I had to grab one.

Upon joining the queue, I realised that I was just a teeny-weeny slower in grabbing one from the previous batch that was just sold out seconds ago! Haha…

All these buns were freshly made on the spot and the people in the queue were ordering the buns in 10s! Scary appetite…

The bun is so over-stuffed with generous amount of spring onions/scallions and pork and it’s especially fragrant when it’s freshly out of the oven!

And… here it is!

Every bite is just a good mouthful juicy and tasty meat coupled with crisp scallions. I could really say it’s bursting with awesomeness!  Haha… As it was close to time for dinner, we had decided against getting more so as not to spoil our appetite for dinner. It was really that good that we almost went back for another 2 per person! Haha…

Moving on to the streets beyond the area where our inn was, we ventured to the well-known XiMenDing.

This is a must-have when we visit Ximending because no one does bittergourd juice as nicely as they do. Topped it up with honey and the drink is both refreshing and cooling. Yums.

 The ever-crowded streets of Ximending on the weekends.

 A unique restaurant that could really upset your appetite or delight your senses!

One of many street side stall that lined the open streets of Ximending

This is my favourite bubble tea shop. It definitely served one of the best bubble tea! 😀

While you are at Ximending, don’t be alarmed to see the street stalls suddenly dispersing and scampering away. We learnt that it was pretty normal as there are often police patrolling in the area to prevent these hawkers from selling food that could be deemed as unhygienic and perhaps affect the shops nearby that actually incur rent. Hence once in a while, these hawkers would be alerted, making their way to another aisle and returning only when the police have left.

This is love. No one dislikes this. Not even a bit. Everyone I know heaps praises about this particular outlet and I’m not the least surprised if it boasts to be the best Ah Zhong Mian Xian in Taipei. It is just so good that we could have it almost every breakfast without getting sick of it. I even had friends who wanted to pass me thermal flask so that I could bring this back for them. Please please remember to try this if you ever visit Ximending.  If you love spicy food,  add as much chilli as you could because it sure packs a punch. Despite looking really mediocre, it’s so satisfying you would probably order more.

Vinegar is also a must-add for this dish.

By the way, that was dinner. Simple, humble yet superb. Slurp… simply can’t get enough of it! :p

We carried on combing the streets and decided to end off the night with a karaoke session at PartyWorld!

Cheap rates for decent karaoke sessions at a random outlet we passed  by


There are several KTV joints in Ximending area but we ended up at Partyworld, the all-time favourite. Big rooms, reasonable rates, good choices of songs, what’s there not to like? 😉


I look like I’m stuck with the words… lol!

Til the next post! 😀

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