Visiting Taiwan . 3 Oct 2012. Day 7. WuLai (烏來)

After a well-rested night, we began the next day with the typical breakfast the locals eat.


Looks like the carrot cake we can find in Singapore hawker centre isn’t it? The taste is about the same except the chilli is way off. Instead of being spicy, it tasted more salty and sweet. There was also the option to add meat, or carrot, or other condiments that’s on the board to the carrot cake.

After breakfast, we parted ways. Zhen Ming and Weiwei decided to spend a day as city dwellers in Taipei while Poh and I head off to Wulai, nearby scenic area just outside Taipei.

We took the train to Xindian Station and instead of waiting for a bus that could bring us to our destination in 1.5 hours, we decided to opt for a cab ride instead that took only 20 minutes. Sometimes, money could really buy precious time spent on fruitless waiting and impeding traffic.

I was so glad we took the trip out of the city because the weather looked so good when we arrived!

Being one that’s rather easily tempted by food, Poh stopped by this stall that lined the street and got us a portion of fried shrimps to nom along the way to the waterfall. It was a good 1-2 hours walk from the place the cabby dropped us to reach the waterfall by foot.

We got ourselves guava juice…

... and barbequed pork too! haha… Aren’t we gluttons in the making? 😉

Perhaps it’s the eating along the way, it seemed not-too-long a road before we reached where we were supposed to be to catch a monorail that will bring us uphill, only to realise, much to our horror, that the monorail is down. 😦

Due to the weather, there had been a landslide and the monorail had been down since then. 

The tracks…

We walked 1.6 km uphill!!! 😦

We continued uphill and finally, we saw the waterfall.

Noticed the facade high up in the mountain? That’s where we headed to, not before taking photos with the waterfall. 😛

If you noticed, we were still quite far away from it hence the waterfall looked really small. After a few shots, we inched uphill to get closer to the waterfall.

Way nicer isn’t it?

There is a theme park up in the mountains so since we had made our way up here, we travel higher up the mountains to see what’s there.

Up, up and away!

The theme park is huge but old. There were many features that are out of order and the place was deserted when we visited. From what we understood from the people who were there, the theme park is open but not frequented now because it is not summer. We visited the theme park during autumn and as the weather is unpredictable and the students are not having their holidays, there were very few people at the park.

The place reminded me of Har Paw Villa except it was not well maintained. Perhaps we visited at the wrong time of the year where maintenance works were being carried out. Even so, it seemed like a place most probably outliving its glorious days. We would only know if we were to come back in summer…

Soon, the place was shrouded with mist and it was getting dark. We made our way downhill to where we boarded the cab and hailed one to bring us back to Xindian. I received strict orders to try the braised pork rice that I held in my hand below, only to realise that it isn’t really quite to my liking. :/

Nonetheless, it was sufficient to fill my tummy after all that climbing. Haha…

Til the next post! 🙂


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