Visiting Taiwan . 4 Oct 2012. Last Day. Part 1/3 Yeliu Geopark (野柳)/Jiufen (九份)

On this last day before we head back to Singapore, we had planned for a trip around the outskirts of Taipei. We were really looking forward to this day trip until we saw the hoards of people who were already there and more flocking in… Gosh…

It was really quite painful to be at the touristy area with hoards of people, especially you-know-who as they are often rowdy, impolite, full of themselves and unhygienic. By unhygienic, I meant, they spit. Anywhere and everywhere! Grrr…

Despite being dismayed by the crowd, we decided to visit the park anyway so as not to waste our trip there. The only perk of being surrounded by the many tour groups is the”free” guided mini tours we had when we could unknowingly eavesdropped on what each of the tour guide was explaining. I’d rather the place be a little less crowded though.

Every landmark within the park was surrounded by queues of people waiting to be photographed with it and we had to rush from one spot to another so that we were fast enough to grab a spot next to a prominent landmark that had been just vacated by the previous group of tourists.

A safety sign to warn tourist of “Rogue Wave”

An outstretched breakwater

A closer look

Just look at how packed the pebbled walkway on the left is…

Spot the living creatures…

There you go…

There’s just people everywhere in the background…

Some interesting formations…

Saw the red line starting in the foreground stretched across the ground? That’s to draw the boundary between where the tourist should be and should not be. The area on the left of the red line is too slippery for tourists to explore. Nonetheless, there were still people who tried their luck :/

Just see where someone got to…

I’ve no idea what this is…

This is the famous Queen’s Head within the park. It is also the formation which started an endless queue of people who would rather wait than to go without being photographed with it. 

This particular formation is so popular that it was further eroded, first by the weather, then by the people who just can’t get enough of it. Other than being in a picture with it, some must pose with it by touching it, laying a hand on it or even breaking off a piece of it for souvenir. That is just too… duh… It is really a piece of hardened sand… The beauty lies in the formation, not some chipped off piece. Grrr…

Just look at the number of people around the Queen’s Head formation…

A look at the environment…

What does it look like to you?

If you haven’t got it, it’s a dragon’s head!

How about this? What does this look like?


Random shots…

The park was rather small, and to avoid the crowd, we decided to cut short our time at Yeliu Geopark and made our way to our next destination: Jiufen (九份). As the name suggests, the place was named after food and other materials was being proportioned into nine parts for the nine families that were previously residing the area. It was not long before we embarked on the winding road up the hill where JiuFen market was situated.

As it was a weekend, the only one street between the shops are packed with people. Much to our relief, there were only a few tourists from mainland shopping here. Most of them were brought only to places which the shopkeepers could get a cut of their spending. Phew!

A breathtaking view from the hilltop

The lone island lying on the horizons looked like the Turtle Island off coast Yilan (宜蘭), also known as Guishan Island (龟山岛) although I’m not 100% certain. 

It’s pretty amazing how these houses were built when the roads leading up to the place where we were standing are narrow and hardly fit to transport bulky materials for building or even heavy vehicles. Thumbs up!

I’ll continue detailing my the journey at Jiufen(九份) in my next post! Till then! 🙂


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