1. Who am I?

An honest lady trying to earn a living to support herself and her family in this cosmopolitan city. I am aging by the year and refusing to live my age as I believe it is all in your mind. If one succumb to being old, one would have allowed age to triumph. You only get to live once. Be happy.

2. What got you to start this blog?

This blog is a venue for me to express myself freely and happily. I had brought a lot of negativity back from work in the past and my past blog has been an outlet for me to vent my frustrations and I have poured lots of the negativity into it, so much so that the blog is but an abyss of complaints and misery. It pains me much to see my life being clouded with so much unhappiness that I decided to start afresh.

Another reason I wanted to start this blog is also to improve the way I write and speak in English. Being Chinese, I love the Chinese language. Given a choice, I would definitely be speaking in my mother tongue rather than using the common language. As time goes by, I became so detached with English that I have difficulty using it to communicate and writing it during work. It also frightens me when I realised there are so many words I do not know.

I decided to put my foot down and improve my mastery in the English language by blogging.

3. What sports do I engage in?

I love to run. Every weekend, I’ll definitely take a tour around the estate in my running shoes. I’m lucky to live in Singapore where the neighbourhood is safe for anyone to jog as I’ve never been a fan of jogging on treadmills nor working out in gyms. I love yoga and Pilates sessions as they do help me stretch all the muscles that have been under-utilised ever since I stopped dancing back in my university days. Swimming is also a sport I indulge myself in once in a while when the good weather beckons.

4. Why do all my photos seemed to undergo discolouration?

I do not have a superbly good camera and I am not a professional camera man. I do, however, love taking photographs as I believe pictures tells a thousand words. On top of just taking pictures, I love to use the art filters to adjust the colours of the photographs I took. I do not hate the way they look but I do feel that some photos look better if they were of a different colour. That’s life also isn’t it? People look at different matters with different perspective. I just love experimenting.

2 Responses to “F A Q”
  1. Christy says:

    Hi I’m looking for a blogger to promote my new blogshop. May I know your monthly blog stats?

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